This week has caused some consternation among the small band of GBG completists, as the Goat in the Garden, which left the Guide due to entry restrictions, bounces back in with this warning;
The bar is primarily for residents of the Hotel and their guests. However, CAMRA members are warmly welcome to visit. Simply contact the owner in advance by phone, email or Facebook messenger.

I don’t WANT to makes arrangements in advance. But I may have to in order to complete the Guide.

There’s always twists and turns on the rocky road (mixed metaphor ?) to GBG glory. Along with the openings and closings you’ll also find a pub you thought you had to do which you’ve actually done when it was called something sensible, and a place you thought you’d done you actually haven’t.

Luckily I’m infallible and don’t make that sort of error.

So it was with the Coach & Horses in Banbury, which only emerged as a “ticked in error” when I did one of my routine audits which revealed a pub pinked but without any ticks or crosses.

So actually I had to finish Oxon twice, just as some will now have to finish Hampshire twice.

No real harm, as Banbury was only five minutes off the route, and we had time to admire Banbury’s architectural highlights.

Look, here’s the Banksy they stole from Weston-Super-Mare;

and here’s the weird record shop;

and here’s the lady on the horse they nicked from Coventry;

As with most of England, the best bits are ruined by modern shop fronts.

But not Ye Olde Reine Deer, whose only crime is too many signs outside.

Why couldn’t we have gone in there ?” said Mrs RM, who raised a good point but clearly doesn’t get ticking.

Our hour’s parking (40p) was up though, so we headed back via the underrated St. Mary’s.

Is Banbury underrated though ?

Probably not.

7 thoughts on “AN OXON OVERSIGHT

  1. I’m thinking of compiling a list of “One Pub Is Plenty” Towns.
    There’s Banbury with Thee Olde Reine Deere Inne, Hereford with the Barrels and maybe not many more.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, no, I’m still trying to get used to these computer things and that would be far far too complicated for me.

        Liked by 1 person

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