Four ticks in the bag, we headed back to Devizes for our room for the night.

In a week where a Melksham B & B rated “adequate” would cost you £147.22 with Genius (that’s me) discount, the Bear seemed a bargain, albeit not quite as cheap as the night we spent in the car park directly behind the hotel in 2020.

Wadworth’s flagship, it not only has 3 bars and free parking, there’s also a staircase.

Oh, and a chaise longue (top).

The average age of the guests was 73 (76.2 excluding us), none of whom would have a clue what the Wet Leg anthem was about. Eavesdropping in pubs is clearly the greatest thing in life, but listening in to Keith and Theresa from Farnham over full English the next morning runs it a close second.

Keith’s got the booster. I’ve got my free doughnut” is the only line I can repeat. Perhaps they should write lyrics for Wet Leg, whose album is a bit too worthy for me.

The rooms are as old-fashioned as you could wish,

and the view across Devizes market place (mainly a queue for the vaccination centre) is surely only matched by that from the Victoria Falls Hotel ?

OK, I’m on commission from the Bear, but we all need a side hustle in 2022.

14 thoughts on “CHAISE LONGUE

  1. Yes, I’m thinking that I wouldn’t mind staying there some day.
    It’s several miles from a railway station but I’ve now got a bumpy bus pass not that I’ve used it yet.

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  2. I love old coaching inns like that -so much history & slightly tatty around the edges -the staircase is fantastic -one similar to that in the Royal Hotel ,Deal

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    1. The chaise lounge was on the landing, in case there was misunderstanding.

      No Bass in the British Lion on your visit then ? Great pub but not great Bass.

      6X used to be a well known beer in the ’90s when Whitbread were pushing cask, doubt it is now.


      1. I remember Swordfish being at the Anchor, High Offley on the Sunday before Christmas 2012, the only time in very many years I’ve known other than 6X there.


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