The motto of Sir James Paget, Yarmouth’s most famous son, was “Work itself is a pleasure“, and there is, of course, no more pleasurable work than ticking the GBG and writing about it.

Arriving home on Wednesday afternoon after a 4:30 drive from the coast (blame it on Sutton Bridge) I barely had time to wash the dishes before Mrs RM enthusiastically joined me on The Lesser Lakes Lick (of ticks), a title which may get changed before the film adaption.

On the drive up the M6 Mrs RM checked whether my first target in Kirkby Lonsdale (the Saffron Walden of Cumbria) was actually open. She spelt Kirby right, which impressed me greatly.

The website says it’s open from 12:30 all day” .

Good. Check Facebook please

Facebook has slightly different hours but says open from 12:30 today“.

Good, good. What about the Beer Guide app

Open from 12:00 every day“.

Hat trick. Let’s do it.

Free parking at the Devil’s Bridge, a sign advertising a market; it all looked lively and jolly as we hurl headlong into the busiest month of the year.

I needed a “comfort break”, so did Mrs RM, but we weren’t paying 40 pence (each ! we’re not animals) to use the loos by the river so we held on till our (anonymous) target, only pausing to snap the knitted dalek.

Blimey, the streets were quiet. Are we at war ?

It was closed, wasn’t it ? No hours listed on the door, either, and they didn’t answer the phone. On the upside, Mrs RM could now see why I get so irritated by duff opening times info.

We actually popped in the local brewery tap and had coffee and cake then, the lunchtime dining session having ended on the dot of 14:00 despite the place being packed.

We tried a couple of other places in a well-pubbed touristy town (Curry Charles has been there, it took 3 days from Dereham). They were either closed or had also stopped food.

But Robbies took pity on us.

You’re just in time !” the nice barperson said.

It’s a typical flagstoned Robinsons Lakeland pub, serving chunky food and watery Cumbrian Way.

I really liked it; unfussy, cosy, lovely team. “Good on ya babes” I think she said to me, which makes a change from “Will you be dining with us, Sir ?” or “Five pounds fifteen“.

What does Dizzy Blonde go under ?” asked the newbie staff member. “Cask. Ale” the reply.

Mrs RM had a different answer to the question which isn’t repeatable in a family blog.


  1. A friend from Eccleshall moved to Kirkby Lonsdale long ago to take on the town’s bakery and I saw him there at least thirty years ago. The last I heard was of him as the local Chamber of Trade and Commerce spokesman and objecting to a Booths supermarket opening.


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