We decided to wait till my Kirkby tick opened at 16:00. It’s not THAT difficult getting there, 10 minutes off the M6, but the gap it left in the sea of GBG pink was irritating.

Sadly my plans for a vigorous walk met with resistance from Mrs RM on the unreasonable grounds it was raining. I nearly wrote to Mumsnet. So we just stretched out our lunch in the Robbies pubs and dawdled.

At 15:59 I was like a coiled spring, ready to pounce as the door to the Kings Arms opened. There were already folk in there, of course, listening to Father John Misty.


Yes, it’s Kool Kirkby (the TIC can have that for a pint of Bowland Hen).

Look how promptly Mrs RM bags a seat while I wait for a pint of cool, foamy, Jarl (NBSS 3+).

Quite a contrast between the colourful bar and glitter balls and the subdued wall seating.

We liked it, we really did. It’s a bit like the Edinburgh Teuchters pubs, we both thought, except their walls would be full of Skids and Simple Minds rather than Kate and Grace,

An eclectic interior, an even more eclectic soundtrack with this the highlight.

It was just getting busy when we left, sneaking out a copy of one of the North-West’s many, many fine beer magazines.


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