Teuchters” is Gaelic for “Tickers”, of course, but you knew that.

I neglected to give you the map for the Medium-sized Scottish Tickathon, so here it is now;

About 8.4 miles, or “not that far” if you’re trying to convince Mrs RM she can walk to Leith and back (she did 30,000 steps that day, well done her).

Pub 2 was 10 minutes from the Caley into the West End of the New Town, via an advert for upcoming musical attractions.

You can only follow Prince, Bowie, Cher and ELO with the giant singing cat, I guess.

Hard to judge how Edinburgh is bearing up; the streets were quieter than you’d expect the day before Hogmanay (cancelled) but the bars were doing OK.

Teuchters is one of those upmarket but cosy dining pubs the Scots do so well. We were brought menus immediately, seated so we couldn’t see the hand pumps and pointed to a bar code to scan for the menu.

In Leith six years ago I’d raved about the Deuchars at the original Teuchters, but these days Jarl has taken over as the safe cask choice for “proper” diners, like Landlord down south.

This was a lovely clean pint (NBSS 3.5), only in need of a proper glass, and the Cullen Skink served in a mug was ideal prep for the ordeals ahead. Mrs RM liked the lone candle.

Really lovely staff, “wispy folk” on the playlist, wispy customers in check shirts and band Tees. A lovely pub, and in the Gents I realised just how many great bars the capital has.

Stafford Paul and I did half a dozen of those in a manic two hours in 2019 after the CAMRA AGM.

The narrow streets of the old town leading to Teuchters are gorgeous, and the string of Georgian crescents leading out to (even) posh(er) Stockbridge are a joy.

And as we start 2022, a year when Bass is in short supply and BRAPA is terrorising respectable Blackpool suburbs, it is heartening to see that “Gull Proof Bags” remain the top priority for Broughton.

Our priority was to make it to Leith before my bladder burst. It’s street pissoirs the New Town needs, not gull proof bags.

8 thoughts on “TEUCHTERS

  1. When I lived in Edinburgh (Dean Village) in the late 90’s, this Teuchters didn’t exist, it was a tapas bar with a full scale Spanish restaurant underneath which was great. I’ve been in since it became Teuchters and still liked it. My local was Bert’s Bar across the road which served a cracking pint from several handpumps. It’s now called “The Voyage Of Buck” (stupid name) and the real ale has gone.

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  2. I was in Teuchters in the summer – twice! On the first occasion I sat outside with my daughter as there were no free tables indoors. Table service, but my beer was bad and I had to go inside to complain about it. They brought out a replacement and that was bad too! I ended up with Landlord which was ok. Went back the next day, sat inside and asked for Landlord but it wasn’t as good as the day before. I didn’t complain again in case they barred me.


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