Probably not the inspiration for Billy Joel’s enduring classic, one of Mrs RM’s favourites,

and an odd choice from the Joel canon to hear in Great Yarmouth’s lesser known King’s Arms. It’s nearly always Uptown Girl or that one about old people having all the excitement (which is still the case).

Having finished the Guide entries I targeted a takeaway and a suitable revisit in the north of town.

Yarmouth on a Tuesday the week before Easter holidays is a quiet affair, with quiet pleasures like the Rows and the unexpected Unknown Pleasures art.

The unknown pleasures here come in the Dickensian streets, the well-groomed parks, the fights on the corner of Spoons’ aptly-named Troll Cart, the cobbles around the Minster,

and the sense of a Proper Pub (discuss) as you enter Northgate’s GBG boozer.

I ordered my Crispy Beef and Singapore Rice from Mayflower on the App (ooh) and tried to remember a visit to a pub where I scored NBSS 1.5 in 2018.

Late 2018, too, but only 3 and a bit years on I’d forgotten it. Apparently I’d loved the pub but not the beer then. I ordered Broadside, it was off, I ordered Wherry, and took a seat.

Was it another 1.5 ? Not quite, but not a 3 either. Drinkable but a bit lacking in condition through lack of turnover.

Perhaps I should come back on Friday when no doubt it’s packed and the beer flies out.

But on Tuesday, just as in 2018, there were two (2) other punters, visitors from Wroxham on a boating trip with their dogs.

The landlady was a gem, chatty and charm. Two bar stools cosied up for company;

I just had Tweety Pie for company, and Billy’s Greatest Hits. But at least I had Baa Baa Toure waiting for me back at the campervan, judging the Mayflower a NCTSS 3.5+ (3.75).

A Great night.


  1. I generally avoid anything on a Chinese Takeaway menu with the words ‘Crispy’ or ‘Beef’, but I’m going to have to try this Crispy Beef thing. Being a fully qualified Beerelier I’d be looking to partner it with something Beefy, with a Crisp finish, ideally served in a plastic tub.

    Definitely planning a return to Gt. Yarmouth (last visit, 20+ years ago), but only when the Iron Duke reopens as a heritage pub.

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    1. I generally avoid anything withOUT the words “deep fried”, “crispy” or “Not good for you” on the menu.

      Every 3rd post I wrote “crispy beer” instead of beef to see if Russ picked it up.


  2. Thanks for linking to that classic Billy Joel track, Martin. I’d forgotten how good that song is.

    I’m pretty certain that I visited the King’s Arms, in Yarmouth, whilst on a pub crawl of the town, with friends from Maidstone CAMRA. We were in Norwich for the 2012 CAMRA AGM – the last one I attended, btw, and had taken a day trip to the coast, to sample a few of the town’s pubs.

    Can’t be sure, but those bar fittings do look quite familiar.

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  3. It was June 1987, nearly thirty-five years ago, when I had a night in Great Yarmouth and, guided by a Good Beer Guide, got in the Talbot ( Greene King ), Dukes Head, Allens ( both Adnams ) and Ship ( Strongs ). Earlier that day I was in the Nutshell and three other Bury St Edmunds pubs and during the week totaled forty-four East Anglian pubs. I’m overdue a return visit but don’t know if I’ll ever get back there.

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