Is it a wedge pub ? I’ve no idea. I hardly noticed that shape till I just looked at these photos from last Tuesday.

Great Yarmouth (or “Great” to locals) is where I finished Norfolk’s GBG entries for 2022. Will it be a final time ?

A first overnighter in the campervan this year, saving me the £120 it costs in the Imperial with FREE (0) parking along the South Pier. Which looks best in black and white, I can tell you.

You even get the best view of this art installation called “Norfolk”.

More attractive art installations awaited on the short walk to the Blackfriars Tavern. This one is called “3rd best town walls in UK after Chester and York”, apparently.

My pub is well sign-posted.

Oh, perhaps that pile of old cars was the Banksy. Has he changed his style ? Or is that a sign to where you get your cash out in Yarmouth ?

GY doesn’t have a lot of Guide pubs, but a fair few of them have been dotted in these back streets between the southern docks and amusement arcades.

So how had I missed it ?

I enter to “You Can Call Me Al“, which has been playing continuously in Norfolk since 1986, and breathe a sigh of relief that my last county tick is a corker.

It’s bigger on the inside. I’m sure someone else has said that.

With a trio of regulars at the bar, I put my trendy* Gandhi jacket over the nearest chair and prepare to annoy the landlord, faced with a row of five similarly interesting looking pump clips.

What beer should I have then ?”

It depends what style you like

I like beer. Choose me a beer, any beer

I am such a prat in pubs like this.

Would you like a taster ?”.

NO !!! A pint’s a taster“. You know the script by now.

Anyway, something by Fat Cat,

followed by a Vanilla Stout by Mr Winters, observed by little Buddy (everyone loved Buddy),

and then something the landlord did rave about from Bull of the Woods which brought back memories of Steve Earl programmes in Bungay.

It’s a drinkers’ pub, but to be honest the cask was secondary to the joy created by landlord and locals, welcoming taxi drivers and port workers and tickers.

I had eight large doubles last night. Well, you’re not gonna have eight SMALL ones, are you ?”.

I loved the fact it served Carling and San Miguel (with slice of lemon). I loved the relentlessly upbeat ’80s soundtrack (“Wishing Well”, “Don’t Give Up”). I felt part of the pub.

But I was, of course, horrified by the art in the Gents.

I wish I’d been there for their home-made pies and 10% Imperial Stout, but after three (3) beers in an hour it’s probably best it was off.

A great way to complete any county. Shame about the big smudge over Thompson, which isn’t something you get to write every day.

But was I done with Yarmouth ? Oh no.

*Mrs RM’s word, not mine


  1. “’80s soundtrack (“Wishing Well”” – I remember it as early 1970s or maybe there’s two of them.

    “You could raise that as an essential agenda item at the next CAMRA AGM” – yes, and they’re taking it to Martin and Will next year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Star letter !

      I used to do that Mike, but often it would get a defensive response of “They’re all flying out like hot cakes !!”” or “Er, that’s the only one I’ve sold any of so far”.


    2. I once asked that, and the bartendress replied “All our beers are properly kept and they all sell well”, which was an answer to a different question, I’d say.

      “Well, that’s me told”, I thought.

      I can’t remember what I had, but it was pretty tired.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, whenever someone tells you they’re all selling fast you know they’re not.

        It shouldn’t be a rude question; “What’s your most popular dish on the menu” wouldn’t be.

        Liked by 1 person

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