Sadly (for me, if not you) loads of Norfolk posts for the next week. If you like Norfolk you probably a) live in Islington and wear a pashmina or scarf or b) are confusing it with the Virginian one.

Typical Norfolk graffiti

Great Yarmouth isn’t really Norfolk, of course, anymore than Stockport is part of Manchester.

I joined the thousands of half-term holidaymakers on another sunny late October Monday, lured by Elvis wigs, cheap burgers, tattoo shops* and state-of-the-art transport systems.

One photo captures Yarmouth

A ten minute stroll away from the hot dogs and hep cats into North Yarmouth, home to the cemetery of your dreams, behind which lies the first of three (count them) new Guide entries.

kings arms gy.PNG

This is the sort of new GBG entry that you apparently don’t get anymore, if you read some whingers who tell you it’s all micro pubs and brewery taps now.

Proper Pub

I was a bit surprised that Cask & Craft across the road hadn’t beat them to Guide glory, until you realise that the cask is actually keg.

Tempting, but..

It’s my sort of pub.ย  Hooks on the bar for your man bag, nachos machine, proper seating, a bloke drinking Aspalls, Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill“.

Multicolored seats
The colours of Proper Pub

Two beers you’ve heard of, and the local one that gets the place in the Beer Guide (not JS Smooth).

Cheery barman the star here

Two customers, two staff, the other one of whom said “I’ll just go and grate some cheese”.ย  That may be a euphemism round here, but they were serving lunches, apparently.

Interesting pub lunches

In fact, it couldn’t have been more pleasant a lunchtime drink, except that the Wherry (so enjoyed by Si on Saturday) was undrinkable (unless you happen to be a urinal).ย  Yes, I did score it, NBSS 1.5.

Come for the welcome, come for the carpets…


Drink the Aspalls.

*Thinking of getting one on my elbow with the word “eleven” on it. Keep up.


      1. The last time that I went to the Troll Cart – yes, a Spoons – there was a couple there. The man pushed his lady about in a wheelchair, and they passed the time mouthing unpleasantries to anyone whom they had not seen before.

        He kept disappearing to the toilets. Every time that he did, she got up and walked outside for a cigarette,

        When they left, he barged her into every table, chair and customer in the place, however, effing and blinding “can’t you see, she can’t f**king walk?” etc.

        Never was a pub so aptly named.

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  1. Anyhow,here in sunny Florida our thoughts are turning to where to watch the US midterm elections results come in on Tuesday night.
    Actually,it’s a no-brainer.
    You don’t come across many Democrats in boozers here – they’re too busy dragooning immigrants working in the grounds of their multi million dollar mansions.
    And certainly none in Shadracks in Passe-A-Grille,a wonderful divey sort of place that I’m sure Mudgie would approve of although smoking is now banned except in the air-conditioned smokatorium they built next to it.
    I’ve been going here on and off for 20 years – it’s red neck and red meat America.
    It’s $2 happy hour beer and chasers.
    The jukebox twangs country.
    The barmaid flaunts a cleavage of Grand Canyon proportions.
    Mind you the people have manners – if Trump tried to grab a pussy in here he’d be chased out of town.
    Yup,as they don’t really say here,Shadracks is the bar I’m going to belly up to on Tuesday,lay down a 50 spot,order a man drink and let the fun and games begin.
    No Bass though.It’s foreign muck.


  2. Yes, “Interesting pub lunches” and – never mind the “local one” beer – it’s probably the “CHOICE OF POTATO” that gets the pub in the Beer Guide. “I think I’ll have the Maris Piper as it’ll be a good match for the Maris Otter malt in my Woodfordes Wherry”

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    1. but thats “two” local beers though, Humpty Dumpty brewery is based at Reedham, they do a good beer festival every year,easy walk from the train station, which is far nearer to Yarmouth than Woodbastwick is, indeed Reedham is just a 10mile walk along the Wherrymans Way,though now past the sadly closed Berney Arms pub.

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  3. Sigh (no, not the one you chauffeured around), posting from my phone again as:

    – I am keeping an eye on the apple crisp currently baking while my better half decided to accompany a friend to the market;

    – keeping an eye out for friends to possibly drop while they are in town today; and

    – waiting to hear when our lunch truck is ready to be picked up after serving by a local mechanic working out of his home.

    And due to the third item I can’t enjoy a beer as I’ll have to drive my wife to go and get the truck. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    “are confusing it with the Virginian one.”

    The only thing I know about Norfolk is a certain poem/limerick. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “behind which lies the first of three (count them) new Guide entries.”

    The map’s a bit small on my phone but I like E C Path south of the cemeteries. Does that mean there’s not much of an incline?

    “Kate Bush โ€œRunning Up That Hillโ€œ.”

    Not a fan of E C Path then. ๐Ÿ˜

    “That may be a euphemism round here,”

    Perhaps it’s their equivalent of cut the cheese. ๐Ÿ˜

    “Interesting pub lunches”

    Are they implying the mushroom is vegan or the entire burger? ๐Ÿ™„

    “Yes, I did score it, NBSS 1.5.”

    Ugh. ๐Ÿ˜’

    “*Thinking of getting one on my elbow with the word โ€œelevenโ€ on it. Keep up.”

    LOL! ๐Ÿคฃ



    1. I think that they are a puncture contingency, to prevent complete immobilisation. If a tyre deflates, then the hard, dark, hard, dark, rubber wheels come into contact with the ground.

      (With acknowledgements to Frank Zappa and friends, from Bongo Fury)

      Correct me if wrong though.


  4. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen you score a beer NBSS 1; pretty sure I’ve never seen NBSS 0.5. Do you ever hand out such scores, for the really abysmal experiences? Or do you just take the beer back and get something else in such cases?


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