New GBG Pub No.2 was very exciting.  A trip to the Bridge Over The River Yare, inspiration for the 1957 war epic starring David Niven.

Lichfield Arms GY.PNG

More importantly, the first pub in Yarmouth Southtown in the history of retiredmartin. Pint and Pubs ventured here in 2012, before the Beer Guide caught up.

I retraced my steps past the Mobility Scooter of the Day.

Looks like Brum’s younger brother

and admired an impressive collection of health stores, including one endorsed by professional Footballer legend Cy Goddard.

Nice haircut, Cy

The stroll across the Yare is the road less travelled, except by our feathered friend (top) who stayed still while I took the shot.

A look back to historic GY

I had no idea what to expect in Southtown. A few discount shops, a large grain store, a lot of St Georges flags.

Cover your options

And a warren of tightly packed terraces, tucked into which we find the least likely new Guide entry of 2019.

Authentic backstreet boozer

Good grief it’s a plain boozer.


Very plain.

Unnamed Aussie soap

As it’s Saturday, here’s a close-up of the carpet.  Possibly unique.

I spoil you, I really do

It was open early, clearly for the benefit of  the one Old Boy at the bar.  It would have been daft to sit at the back of the pub, so I joined him.

We were then joined by the pub dog, barking loudly in displeasure as he realised I wasn’t BRAPA.


It was all very jolly.

“Sorry, we’ve only got the one beer on”

“Wonderful !  One is plenty

Rarely seen Wainwright

Just think how big the Beer Guide would be if every pub with a half-decent Wainwright (cool, tasty, soapy, NBSS 2.5) or similar got in. 300 in Derby, for a start. The Guide entry says “long-standing Landlord of 30 years“, which tells you all you need. Long service awards take many forms.

But the Lichfield, like the King’s Arms, is the sort of Proper Pub where I can put up with average beer, and wish I was allowed to drink bottled Manns to get my tick.

A years supply of Manns

Michael Antonio stared down at me from the West Ham United calendar, I lost interest in the soaps, and drank up, just as a parcel delivery caused some behind-the-bar drama.

“Cheerio mate, take care” said the Old Boy.

The pub cat, perched on the pub dustbin, was less talkative.




  1. Shadracks Part Deux.
    Never judge a book by its cover is one of my mottos in life.
    And so it was we called into Shads ( see how quickly that happens ) for early evening scoops tonight.
    We fell in with Pork Chop and his best buddy.
    They were bikers.Harleys outside.
    Pork Chop was small,built like a beer keg and with that moustache/straggly goatee combo.
    His buddy was equally clad in leathers and chains but tall and thin.Lemmy before he went to seed.
    His wife,Biscuit,was the barmaid.
    Pork Chop was a man of few words and most of them grunts mainly on account of him being drunk.
    Nicely drunk and in no way offensive.
    Pork Chop’s friend at one stage put his favourite song on the jukebox – ” Eat shit and go fuck yourself” was the chorus.
    Anyhow after a while Pork Chop wobbled off to go home and climbed onto his Harley and roared off in a wobbly way.
    We asked Biscuit how Pork Chop got his name but even though he’s been her husband’s best buddy for years she didn’t know and had to ask.
    Turns out Pork Chop once ate ten pork chop sandwiches at a biker rally.
    And he’s in charge of all flights across America for a major US airline.
    We asked Biscuit what her husband,the best friend of Pork Chop’s name was.
    Kevin,she said.
    And poured another shot.

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  2. “A trip to the Bridge Over The River Yare, inspiration for the 1957 war epic starring David Niven.”

    (slow golf clap)

    “More importantly, the first pub in Yarmouth Southtown in the history of retiredmartin.”

    Back on my desktop instead of my phone so I can see the map better now. I like the Model Village in the bottom right. I take it it’s full of Victoria’s Secret gals?

    “I retraced my steps past the Mobility Scooter of the Day.”

    I don’t know about the UK but over here, someone with an “L” on their vehicle needs a licensed driver with them. Where would such a person sit in this?

    “Authentic backstreet boozer”

    No argument here.

    “Unnamed Aussie soap”

    If that’s soap I’ll have to get some for my shower (wink, wink). 🙂

    “I spoil you, I really do”

    I know this may sound weird, but to me it looks like a cult meeting where members stood ‘x’ feet apart and they all slit their throats.

    “Rarely seen Wainwright”

    I’ve had that in a 4-500ml mixed Marstons pack over here. Not bad.

    ““Cheerio mate, take care” said the Old Boy.”

    The perfect goodbye. 🙂

    “The pub cat, perched on the pub dustbin, was less talkative.”

    That’s a bit like saying the sky is blue. 😉


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    1. I and several others who will remain anonymous believe there are some branches who reward long service, or reintroduction of real ale, or community ownership in Beer Guide places, perhaps only at the margin. I’ve probably mentioned a few and Si certainly has. The CAMRA Discourse forum certainly makes clear that some branches DO apply criteria other than beer quality, such as geographical spread, rotation of entries etc.

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      1. Thanks as always for the information, Martin. It would seem especially difficult to ignore the human element of some of these places. When you know the committed work and years of service someone has put in– hard not to think of that when you’re choosing which pubs to reward.


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