Less talk, more photos this morning.

One new pub left in Yarmouth, and a decent walk to take me through the heart of town.

Avenue gy.PNG

Back over the Yare, past the huge grainstore I fully expect to be a micro pub on my next visit.

Or a Brewhouse & Kitchen

Hall Quay has some great buildings, great beer less so.

High Tea

But I know what some of you are really interested in…

Outside the Troll Cart

There’s a touch of Blackpool as you head down Regent Road to the “fun”.

Hidden beauty

But head 10 minutes north along the beach to Munchies for a corned beef toastie and proper coffee with sea view for a fiver.

Stuff your Southwold

Then a bit of pub porn on the way to the Avenue.

Dead pub

And an art deco bus station.


Sadly, my phone went from 42% battery to nil in about 8 seconds at this point, so the only proof I can bring you that I made it to the Avenue is this generic photo.

Ghost Ship

Generic beer range (Doom/Pride/Ghost), proper bench seating, beer of the day (NBSS 3.5), youths playing darts, Old Boys proposing an innovative way of selecting their MP, and the obligatory hole punched through the attractive toilet door.

The hole punched through the toilet door is a metaphor for Great Yarmouth, and for life.


  1. “Sadly, my phone went from 42% battery to nil in about 8 seconds…”

    You need one of those emergency charges. Amazon do ’em for about twenty quid. Only problem is that a big one is like carrying a car battery around.

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  2. The hole punched in the toilet door is a metaphor for Tosser; The Tosser that did it, the Tosser who allowed the Tosser that did it to be in the pub in the first place, and the Tosser who hasn’t replaced it (presuming it didn’t happen the day before – it didn’t did it) who is sending out the message to other Tossers that this sort of behaviour is tolerated. Tossers the lot of them.


    1. Sadly, we see the same trope in many guises and settings, don’t we?

      TBH, I’m not sure how reliably I could identify someone, who might, on a bad day, punch a toilet door, though.

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    2. You Yorkies don’t understand pub character, do you ? If you had your way, you’d only have nice pubs like North Bar and Bundobust and all the scrotes would drink at home and punch holes in their own toilet doors.


  3. Meanwhile,we’re toying with the idea of attending Shadracks’s legendary Sunday lunchtime Bloody Mary Brunchathon or whatever it’s called.
    As we fell out to head home last night Biscuit reminded us that there’ll be ” 40 pounds of bacon going a’beggin ” just as she was upbraiding a recalcitrant regular by threatening to ” slap you with one of my titties.”
    It’s a hard offer to turn down.

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  4. “Stuff your Southwold”

    Do they provide binoculars to get the aforementioned sea view?

    “And an art deco bus station.”

    That bus is going in the wrong entrance. The double decker entrance is on the left. The one its going in is for old fashioned fire engines (I think).

    “The hole punched through the toilet door is a metaphor for Great Yarmouth, and for life.”

    Too deep for me. 🙂


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    1. Russ, the omnibus is clearly going in the right direction as the door with the illustration of a double decker ‘bus has a no entry sign at each side of it.

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