It’s too late to send a glass of milk to Table 25

Two nights of torment back home, then a night out in Sheffield (under the flimsy pretext of seeing if our Undergraduate son was eating well to reassure his grandparents).

We tipped up just as the Sheffield United v Stoke game was drifting to a stalemate.  Clearly the Potters no longer feel the need to visit other cities for decent beer now that Titanic have a bar at Stoke station, as there was little sign of away fans when Mrs RM and I hit the town.


And immediately were nearly wiped out by the Supertram, just as I nearly was in 2007 when crossing West Street to get to the Red Deer before closing.

At 10pm we had to have discipline to get the most out of the night.  Brew Dog ?  Shakespeare ? Bar Stewards ?

No, the Bankers Draft was closest, and I’d remembered my Spoons vouchers.

A bargain with a pizza

Now, a quick read of Discourse (spare your sanity) will show you loads of folk believe that Wetherspoons a) Sell beer cheap, b) Sell rubbish beer close to its “best by” date.

The Bankers Draft hasn’t been in the Guide for years, but the Hawkskead Pale was immaculate.  And £1.65 with the voucher.

It must be a good beer; they sell it in micro pubs in Stockport. And I presume no-one puts a gun to Hawkshead heads and makes them sell it at a loss.

It was so good that Mrs RM left her Punk IPA for a few seconds and had a swig of mine.  Cool, rich suds. An NBSS 3.5 bargain for the price of a packet of scratchings in Chelsea.

Punk is cheaper than in the Brew Dog bar, too, and it tastes better, says Mrs RM.

Real ale drinking better than Evil Keg – the evidence

The pub is a bit worn. A decade ago this was the flagship Sheffield Spoons, packed with dining shoppers at lunchtime, and pre-clubbing trade at night.

img_20181023_221532725197934.jpgTuesday night isn’t the night to judge it, but the main trade tonight is blokes excluded from the Brown Bear by Humphrey’s no-swearing policy,

Tatttoo says “Sean Bean for Doctor Who”

Despite the decent Hawkshead I didn’t see much sign of cask flying out. Oddly, the beer range is wider upstairs than downstairs.  Read what you like into that.


Mrs RM enjoyed the free WiFi and her Punk, but was more than happy to make a dash for something more cosy.  You already know where we ended up.


Proper Pub

24 thoughts on “£1.65 PINTS IN SHEFFIELD

  1. “Bargain”

    Freddy Brewger? Sheesh

    “And £1.65 with the voucher.”

    Yowza. That’s easily at least half the price of any pint I could snag over here.
    (and nice choice by the way)

    “Real ale drinking better than Evil Keg – the evidence”

    It could be partly due to the glass style. 😉

    “Tuesday night isn’t the night to judge it,”

    Of course not. Even (one of) the local footy teams calls themselves Wednesday, not Tuesday. 🙂

    “Tatttoo says “Sean Bean for Doctor Who””

    That’s a bloody big man bag at the feet of the bloke in the hat.

    “You already know where we ended up.”

    Not a clue. 😉


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  2. I met a friend for Sunday breakfast in the Banker’s Draft a few years ago (it was 10.00am and we were off to the the Royal at Dungworth for some folk carol singing). I contented myself with coffee and my pal had a pint of something sensible. Nearby a group of four guys were having Jagerbombs for breakfast. As you do.

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      1. As far as I know ot tends to be centred on certain pubs. At the Royal it’s every Sunday from around now until Christma (or it was a couple of years back)

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  3. That ale is expensive. The ‘Spoons at Cowley has all guest ales, irrespective of strength, at £1.99 per pint ; whilst true economy drinkers get Ruddles Best Bitter at £1.79 per pint.
    During the recent beer festival, a 6 per cent ale was £1.99 per pint. A few punters ended up with headaches after that.

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  4. It was £4.05 for London Pride at 8am today in Wetherspoon’s new Barrel Vault at St Pancras.
    I was better off with ESB for £5.10 in the Parcel Yard by 9am.
    Humphrey’s OBB is up 20p to £3,40 in Ye Old Cheshire Cheese and Cittie of York but he probably wants to set a few quid aside for his retirement whenever that night be.

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    1. Well, I should have guessed that you wouldn’t want to pass through the Midlands without stopping off.
      And Birmingham might have been a bit more convenient than Wolverhampton.

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