It’s not all pubs on this site, you know.  Sometimes you get weird street art,


or Sam Smiths windows



or industrial architecture.



And today it’s breakfast recommendations.

Actually brunch, as I’d already had excellent coffee and banana cake from Albies on Snig Hill.


We arranged to meet James at the Depot Bakery, the top brunch tip for beardies. It’s about five minutes from his digs, and a 20 minute walk for us through Kelham.

Which looked spectacular.

Why I love Sheff Pt.262


“We should have gone there” said Mrs RM, oblivious to the fact pubs don’t open till noon.

An easy guess the pub for Russ
Classic peeling GBG stickers

Pleasingly, we beat James to the Depot, tucked away in an artisan courtyard.

This is what Eggs Benedict looks like in 2018, folks.



  1. That Eggs Benedict looks fantastic -I make that at work using rubbishy ham -I am embarrassed to serve it -just as well my poached eggs are usually spot on & I cover the ham with Hollandaise (from a carton -another embarrassment )

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      1. If it opens in Oxford’s Covered Market, the planning application suggests that the opening hours will dovetail with those of the market itself – that’s 8.30am until 5.30pm and 10.00 until 4.00pm on a Sunday.

        Seems to be the mirror image of many micros opening hours, getting ready to close when the others have just opened.

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      2. Fred,
        You remind me of before 1988 and “all day” opening when many a market town had a few pubs open for an extra couple of hours after lunchtime on market day.
        For me though the proper market pubs were open from 5am to 9am at Covent Garden, until about 1975, and Smithfield, up till about ten years ago.

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      3. “…when many a market town had a few pubs open for an extra couple of hours after lunchtime on market day”.

        Some places had all day opening on market day in the 1970’s. Once took a holiday in the Lake District and discovered that Thursday in Kendal was all day opening – and Yates and Jackson !


      4. “Only pubs that open at 5am should be in the Beer Guide…”

        Is that open at 5.00am ? Or are open at 5.00am ? One or two late night establishments might fall into the latter category !

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  2. “Which looked spectacular.”

    Indeed it does. (thumbs up)

    “An easy guess the pub for Russ”

    I was going to guess Bankers… since it’s full of fat cats. 😉

    “This is what Eggs Benedict looks like in 2018, folks.”

    Doesn’t that exceed the new UK maximum calorie guide?
    (not to be confused with the minimum pricing guide)


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  3. Despite having been brung up in the Sheffield area it seemed to lose it’s way in the late 80’s for me. Medderall was a big factor, ripping the heart out of the city centre and putting it at the side of the M1 along with a host of other ‘drive in’ retail and entertainment facilities. My recent visits suggest that it’s got it’s Mojo back a bit. I bet there aren’t many of your readers who can remember the Mojo? They are a lot older than me if they do.

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    1. Yes Medderall was to Sheffield what Merry Hell has been to Dudley.
      I will never understand people that have taken up shopping as a leisure activity. I would rather draw my own teeth with pliers and no anaesthetic.

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