“A new GBG entry in Weston-super-Mare ? ANOTHER one !”

No, dear, TWO (2) new entries, and another on the way back to Bristol. Enough to tempt me out to the coast on an £8.00 Off-Peak Day Return.

Weston is a giant in the pub tickers’ world these days, the Hastings of the West, calling us back annually with micros, Bass and music.

Of course with its stockpile of Banksies it’s always going to appeal to sophisticated art lovers like me,

but I’ve brought Mum & Dad to stay here and they still rave about the fish and chips at Winston’s, while Sis loved the sunsets on a couple of cheap stopovers on the way down to Falmouth.

Sadly I only allowed myself an hour in town for the two ticks and sightseeing, enough to appreciate the town hall/future Brunning & Price.

Sadly the Fork & Ale Taproom and Kitchen lets the side down a bit with THAT name, and the scaffolding,

and the most scatter cushions seen in a pub since Great Shefford.

But everything else about it is pretty wonderful.

A lovely barperson greets me, mishears “half” as “pint”, and pours a fruity home-town Pitchfork Goldbine (NBSS 3+).

Should have had the Hanging Judge, named for Dylan’s “Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts” which is probably set in Weston, but the Goldbine is good enough.

Pitchfork ales used to pop up regularly on my travels 20 years ago but is quite a find these days,

as is a soundtrack of cajun, fiddle and St Judy’s Comet played at a good volume, enough to overpower the sound of drilling anyway.

It’s a cheery, homely place, a Mrs RM pub that adds breadth to the WSM pub offer with its cosiness and interesting pub grub.

A tasty butternut squash, goats cheese and beetroot burger on
a bed of mixed leaves topped with a fig relish enhanced goats
cheese disc with baked apple slices

The barperson asks me if I’d like a Collectors Card.

Just as a Proper Pubman will NEVER accept a taster, so he/she must ALWAYS accept a Collectors Card when one is offered, even if we know full well it won’t survive the trip back to Sheffield/Newmarket/York.

It’s the law.

One thought on ““A new GBG entry in Weston-super-Mare ? ANOTHER one !”

  1. I had totally forgotten about Pitchfork Ales, until you mentioned them. We used to see them in Kent, occasionally, but then they just vanished, so good to see them making a comeback.

    Emptying my wallet of unwanted detritus the other day, I came across quite a range of unwanted/part- completed loyalty/collectors cards, including a couple from the same pub!

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