Back in Hastings, I had two (2) more micropubs to look forward to. Two (2) more chances of opening time hell

I took the scenic route to the Jolly Fisherman, dropping by the 1200 Postcards for signs of life, but a 5pm start it was.

Google Maps said it would take 17 minutes if I took the road, so I took the hill round the castle and did it in 12.

Even stopped for the art and colour on the way down to Old Town.

A decade ago I didn’t even know Hastings HAD an Old Town (see also : Brid), now I reckon it’s one of our Top 10 towns.

Never noticed the Jolly Fisherman before, A cafe turned micro which blends in seamlessly with the Old Town classics.

I enter to the sound of Dear Prudence, the one I remember not the White Album, and a local who gives the Guvnor a shout as he’s down in the cellar.

Sorry to drag you up for a quick half” I say, unnecessarily, but at least the beers come from the back wall so I’m not sending him straight back down to the cellar.

It’s a lovely cool Five Points Pale of typical Hastings qualityfrom a crafty range , and if the place is a bit quiet at least I can enjoy a goth soundtrack that moves on to Bauhaus (and then, who knows, the Dooleys).

OK, back up the hill…

5 thoughts on “GOTHIC HASTINGS

  1. I walked past that one two years ago. It was a Monday so it was closed (which means I have to go back). It wasn’t in the guide then. I’d say Hastings is at its best outside the tourist season, but that may be so for all tourist hotspots.

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  2. We love the Jolly Fisherman -the ambience is always good -several times we have been to Hastings for a crawl ,had lunch in the Crown (not these days -too expensive ) & moved onto the Jolly Fisherman,The music is always good & we totter out ,late afternoon to catch train home.It used to do B& B too &having breakfast there was a real treat,watching the sun rise.I am glad it survives

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