As night follows days and lockdown follows opening up, so Bury follows Ramsbottom.

This post would have been about a new brewery owned bar in Bury, but sadly their website and Facebook had different opening hours to the ones pinned on their front door, Martin Luther style. I told them their hours were wrong, and they’ve now been updated. I live to serve.

When I do return to tick I’ll do a few other Bury GBG favourites for you to get good value from the all day tram ticket.

So my visit to Lancashire’s culinary capital last week was a short one, taking in the blue skies I’d brought from Sheffield,

the famous big mens casual wear shop (no comment),

and the world famous Bury Market, in a world which centres around east Lancashire, anyway.

I’ve been here before, of course, but like me you have memories like sieves and will have forgotten how wonderful the black pudding stall is.

The highlight of the purchase is the chap (possibly not the original Mr Chadwick) asking “A hot one ?” when you ask for one to eat now and a big one to take away (£2.20 for both).

Bloomin’ gorgeous, it is, though to be honest the one I cooked at home myself was even better. Not as good as the white pudding though, but that’s a rarity outside Dereham.

Now THAT is how to make a mess of your clothes with piccalilli. I’ll have to get some more clothes from my dad’s wardrobe when I go home again.

Perhaps I should take him some tripe home and do a swap, but knowing my mum she’d make curtains out of that cowheel.

8 thoughts on “BLACK PUDDING. “A HOT ONE ?”

  1. I’m tired of turning up at pubs that can’t advertise when they are open correctly. Just been to one that was seemingly open until 10 (though unclear wherever you look) and walked through the door at 920 to be told they were closed.

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    1. 9.20pm ? You dirty stop-out !

      The most common issue for me is places delaying opening a few hours or changing the days they close. Must have happened a dozen times this year and they aren’t typically locals pubs where everyone knows the new hours. This particular pub changed their website and Facebook when I mentioned it.

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      1. You wouldn’t think so, but you’d be amazed how many pubs tell me either they don’t know how to update Facebook, or they need the pub owners permission (!) or it’s the husband/wife’s job. But they find time to print out the new hours and stick them on the door.

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  2. Whenever I’ve asked why whatever – times, food availability, closure for private functions etc. – were not publicised, the general response I get is that “everybody” knows anyway.

    I assume that “everybody” means the local people who basically live in the pub.

    Attempts at reason seem pointless. Again.

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  3. One near me advertised as open until 11. An attempt at a drink at 10.30 was refused as last orders had been called and 11 is when the shutters go down. Attempting to reason that they aren’t actually their hours fell on deaf ears. I won’t be back.

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    1. That IS annoying. 2 years ago I was driving Duncan around West Wales and a gastropub near Milford Haven that said it was open till 10 almost refused to serve us as 9.20 as the last diner had gone home !


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