Well, probably not, I bet they’ve been playing it since September 5th in Sheffield Dunelm, but my first “Stop the Cavalry” came last Thursday on the western edges of Bradford, which are very lovely.

Out on the wiley, windy moors described by Kate Bush in her book made famous by DJ Bronte I stood, surprised the Dog & Gun hasn’t graced the Guide before.

But a quick peep in suggests peak dining pub, and those are always a bit controversial.

The Dog & Gun is an actual Tim Taylors pub, the whole range with gleaming pumps, you see less of those in the Guide than you might think.

There’s no “Are you dining, Sir ?“, just a cheery welcome and a “Thanks” as I take a foamy Boltmaker to the fire.

Yes, very foamy. Some may have asked for a top-up. There is a special place in hell for those who ask for top-ups, and tasters, and advice on beer styles.

It’s really good. Cool, crisp, (and foamy). NBSS 3.5, I think. Or better.

The barmaid asks me “Are you doing a tour, then ?”, I confess I am, and one the way out I hear the words “Beer Guide freak“. I’d been sussed.

Jona gives way to “2000 Miles” and then to Roy Wood and I realise I’m listening to “Now…that’s What I Call Christmas”, the only Christmas record you need.

By 12:30 the pub is filling up with gentlefolk, who will no doubt be gutted they’ve just missed “Stop the Cavalry”. So, just for them (and Old Mudgie, who’s a big fan)…


  1. If the rules sez half a pint required for a tick, you were in real danger of having this one struck off. Unlike Thornbridge who clearly didn’t get the GBG ticker memo, Timothy Taylor will likely send you the shortage in the post once they see this.

    Having said all that, posting pics of very short measure is guaranteed to boost of web traffic and comments, but then you know that…

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    1. That one grated on my almost immediately ! He had a smaller hit “Big Shot” that was actually quite catchy in the style of BA Robertson’s hits of the time. But I won’t have a word said against “Stop the Cavalry”.


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