It was a good, clean, race. But I was ALWAYS going to beat BRAPA to the completion of West Yorkshire.

Just like F1, that’s not because I’m the better ticker; Simon is streets ahead on determination, grit and volume of marker pens. Just as Verstappen has the race official on his side, I have time. Although the full Scottish breakfast I just consumed in Innerleithen may have knocked a few years off.

That pic really doesn’t do the haggis justice.

The OS extract for the hills around Todmorden does full justice for one of the great walking and pubbing areas in the world. The views from the M62 across Rishworth Moor are breathtaking, except when fog descends.

Todmorden is, of course, the border between red and white rose, a town that has moved between counties for tax reasons over the centuries.

You know you’re in Todmorden, not Hebden Bridge, as the pashminas becomes scarves. The cobbles on the streets are original here, rather than imported from a vegan cobble maker in Tuscany.

Tod (as the kidz call it) has some improving art,

and a thriving independent café scene.

I stopped in the Kindness Cafe near the river, a wonderful little place playing “Green Onions”, where my Healthy Eating Diet continued apace with this Cheese & Onion pie and mushy peas with pickled cabbage combo.

You won’t need to wash my plate, I’ve licked it clean !” said the bloke on my right.

Only two Guide entries, called Pub and Alehouse, though plenty of possible pre-emptives and this former entry which you’ll all recognise.

The Alehouse is from the “small cosy local” subset of micropubs.

In fact, the other customer drank coffee and read the “Toddy Times”, chatting about the weather and the Omnicron and nodding along to to “Lessons In Love“. Are Level 42 the new Dire Straits* ?

The Stout Mary was terrific first out the pumps, rich and warming (NBSS 3.5). My last pint to finish a Guide county rarely disappoints.

And if Dave ever makes it across the pond I now have a mountain of CAMRA magazines for him in the study. Or whatever Mrs RM has re-designated the study this week.


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  1. I think you should edge into food blogging territory by giving us a 1-5 score on the food. Your blog makes me want to travel more, drink more and now eat more!

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