RAMSBOTTOM AND “The Odious Loathsome Sin of Drunkenness”

Another year, another lone new entry in charming Ramsbottom, the Dronfield of the West. I have no idea if that’s true, haven’t been to Dronfield for years.

The trip north of Bury always seems to happen at the end of my Gtr Manc ticking, giving me time to admire those hills.

Last year, just before the lockdown (1) I had a cheap pint and mini-ploughman at the British Legion; this year it’s the polar opposite, a brewery tap.

Time before opening the statue of the Ramsbottom Shepherd guarding the pies,

and nip in the library to see the small but beautifully formed exhibition on drunkenness in Dickensian times. Or temperance, I forget.

A few pub maps that pre-date the GBG, a few pub games,

and the odd beer bottle awaiting a review on Untappd.

In 2011 Kate Bush gave us “50 Words for Snow“. In 2021 Ramsbottom gives us “nothing offensive, please” words for pissed.

“Two Hatted” may be my favourite. I’ve seen Simon be all of those, of course.

The Northern Whisper Tap Room doesn’t encourage that sort of uncivilised behaviour, and disappointingly none of their beers for take-out are more than 6%, which to Mrs RM is a Boy’s Bitter.

But it is possible to make drinkable beer at less than 5.6%, apparently, even if making your tap room look like a Sam Smiths is impossible.

Lovely chap at the bar. While he was pouring my half I saw the offer of a £1.50 pint.

Should have had a pint !” I said assuming that generosity wouldn’t stretch to a half.

It was 75p. Almost Dickensian prices. I felt such a cheapskate I took a can home for Mrs RM, one of the best canned beers I’ve had.

I don’t think we’ll be adding Northern Whisper to our Old Codger tour of Greater Manchester Heritage pubs soon,

but the service and the beer was as good as you’ll get anywhere.

And I’m not just saying that because it was 75p.

Or because of the retiredmartin friendly soundtrack.

“So Good At Being In Trouble”; sound like anyone we know ?

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