Not really of course.  Trainspotting is, ahem, much too noble a pastime for the likes of me, but hopefully Tom will enjoy these pictures of noisy engines at Ramsbottom Station, where trains pretend to go to interesting places in Rossendale and Rochdale, ignoring the harsh reality that folk here really want to go to Accrington.

Still, not a bad place to finish the historically inaccurate “Greater Manchester” section of the GBG,



though the smoke in my eyes threatened to put paid to the pub visit.  What’s wrong with electricity, people ?



While it’s not unusual to see a stone built pub called the Railway opposite the station,  it is odd to see it as the new entry in the Guide, after a few years of “Brewery Taps” and “First Chops” making us believe this was a town at the cutting edge of something.


In a place seemingly geared to upmarket gentlefolk impressed by trendy names (Grind & Tamp, Baratxuri, Lolos and Levanter), the Railway is strictly old school.

Right down to an almost  “take it or leave it” beer range, which you’ll know I approve of.


Someone has found a good use for the preposterous new Pedigree glass, I see.  Obviously I had the Cumberland, clearly pulled through already (I leant over the bar to check the drip mats), but still on the OK side of OK (NBSS 3).

It’s a very cheery and pleasant local, seemingly not benefitting much from the steam train custom as no-one was eating; another bonus for me, if not the Railway. Perhaps the R’n’B scared them away; they’re really into The Fall round here.


The delicate flowers drawn instead to Owens Restaurant (Prosecco from Italy) were missing out on some classic tradesmen banter, which I attempted to keep up with until it descended into the details of a “3 in a bed in Falkirk“, which is less fun than it sounds.

I averted my gaze toward the City of Wells, and blushed.





  1. Yes, the name of the town fails to convey the impression that Ramsbottom is actually the Knutsford of East Lancs.

    In 2005 I worked for nine months doing maternity leave cover at the now-demolished Mondi paper mill on the other side of the station, and had a view of the Railway from my office window.

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    1. Mudge, I’ve never known Rammy for being so posh. Whilst the furthest I’ve ever got from the railway station is the Irwell Works Tap, I’ve always found it fairly down to earth. Indeed I was once told off in the bakery for ordering an Eccles cake.

      Martin, I confess I have only ever seen Wells in bits. One day it will receive the attention of my red pen.

      The whole Pedi rebranding scheme is preposterous, not just the glass.

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  2. They don’t go in much for new fangled ideas like electrickery in those parts. Wasn’t the old story about Holts that when electricity became available in their area and they were offered it for their bars, the response was “Oh yes, interesting, we’ll try it in one of our places.”


  3. When i did a crawl round Ramsbottom back on the 27th November 1999 the Railway was a Boddingtons tied house with all of its signage in place,i did 11 pubs in the town plus a lot more down the road in Bury.

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