About time I did a quick review of June, as you’ll be wanting to know if “Table, Table” has won the coveted “New Pub of the Month” award.

No. That goes to an estate pub in a Cannock suburb.

New Pub of the Month The Bridge, Hednesford

A community melting pot, where folk of all ages meet to play pool, swear and eat burgers for £3.25; the wonderful Salopian beer rightly secondary.  All it needs is a repeal of a piece of legislation that’s ten years old this month.


Beer of the MonthJaipur @ Oscars, from the post of the same name.

Sickeningly, it was Mrs RM’s pint (mine was good too), but she gave me enough of a taste to confirm Jaipur can still compete with your Citras and Plum Porters for my affection.

This is what Mrs RM looks like through an empty Jaipur glass.

Mrs RM through the Jaipur glass

25 years of marriage, and she can still put back a pint quicker than anyone except Pubmeister

The beer quality at Clifford Champion Beer Festival was as good as ever; the pies even better.

Proper pie, proper peas

GBG progress update

A mere 37 new GBG pubs in June, though that included finishing Merseyside, Suffolk, Derbyshire, Staffs, West Sussex and “Greater Manchester“; 6 counties finished in a month compensation for lack of ticks.

Themes in the month included pubs coping reasonably well with the heatwave, queueing, and beards in Borough, which was possibly the pubby trip of the month.

Discovery of the MonthSouthwoldnot as bad as I feared, the Bitter in the Harbour Inn was nectar.


and Scarborough – better than you could ever imagine; a night in the North Marine Hotel is a night well spent.


No terrible pubs this month, unfortunately.  I’ll try harder in July.  Ooo, I’ve found you one already.  Thanks, Cheshire.

July Preview

July kicks off with a week in Copenhagen, Lubeck and Hamburg. I have no idea why; they have zero entries in the GBG.  Suggestions for places to get flat Bass in any of those cities urgently sought.

On our return, I’m at Latitude Festival as part of a grotesque social experiment to see if I crack under the pressure of dreadful old bands, Tuborg and healing tents.

If I survive Latitude, I’ll take my tent into Bishops Castle and finish off the holy trinity of Salop/Worcs/Herefordshire to restore my sanity.

By that time I might need one of these;




9 thoughts on “JUNE ’17 STOCKTAKE

  1. How many pubs have done this year up to now Martin,
    I have had a good run since the end of April and have now done 232 new pubs this year and off to Bristol in two weeks time,that city will fall in the end i am hoping to do over 400 within the city limits.
    So not counting any pubs in the Greater Bristol metro area.


  2. “Lubeck and Hamburg – they have zero entries in the GBG.” But surely you have a venerable old copy of the GBG Germany to send you around all those obscure little village brewpubs of Deutschland? It may be rather old now, but I would bet most places haven’t changed much.


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