Another short post anchored by a picture of healthy food for you.

With the trains back up and running into Sheffield, my parental duties for the day were done.

I dumped the car in my secret free parking space (Quosh would be horrified) and headed for the trams.


Quite a pleasant trip out to Bury, but a real dearth of GBG entries over the years.

Holt pubs to the south of town, Thwaites to the north, micros, Spoons and gastros in the centre.


But few people come here for pubs. The market was packed.

Proper prices

Speaking of fish, I did Thirsty Fish first, just in case it closed at 2pm or something. You never can tell with micros.

Disappointing lack of actual thirsty fish sign

I’ve probably brought you reports on at least 27.5 micros like this in North-Western towns from Southport to Chorley.

It’s hard to be critical; ยฃ3 a pint, support for the local football team, blues at a decent volume, NO CHILDREN AND DOGS sign.

Oh. just spotted that

It’s just I like children and dogs and Prosecco and silly behaviour in pubs. Why should Life After Football get all the fun ?

The chap serves me a half of Tetley in a pint glass. Full marks for that.


It’s a complex drop of Tets, which compensates for it being a bit less than bursting with freshness (NBSS 2.5).

Interesting lacings
Good finish

Not a lot of banter, but a Proper Manc was conducting a mobile conversation at volume 11, ostensibly about his supper.

In the market, another husband and wife seemed to have made the epic journey all the way from Bolton to sample Chadwick’s black puddings. Moist, crumbly, messy.

They shared a ยฃ1.30 pudding (“an hot one?” asks the lady) smothered with mustard and picalilli.

I followed suit, but had one all for myself, because I know how to live.


21 thoughts on “FOREVER BURY

  1. It must not be often you get a half served in a pint glass; I feel like this is the first time I’ve seen it.

    The existence of the “swift half” in the UK is testimony to the primacy of beer drinking in the culture over there, it seems to me: only people who care deeply about beer understand that there are times when you don’t need a full pint, but that doesn’t mean you want nothing at all! (Wish we had the option over here)

    I confess I only had a vague sense of what black pudding is and went to Wikipedia for a better understanding, and wow, it ain’t exactly health food, is it? ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. It certainly IS health food, Mark, and I’ll thank you to go back to your American cheese (๐Ÿ˜‰).

      I can recall two occasions (Hendon most recently) when I had a half in a pint pot as the pub had no half pint glasses!

      This one was actually as the chap misheard me and just stopped pouring.

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      1. Yes, the pub having no half pint glasses must be about the only reason for being served a half in a pint glass.
        The only two reasons for ordering a half I can think of are driving or doing more than ten pubs in a day.

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  2. Now, finding a beer from the shrine of brewing in Wolverhampton that you’ve actually heard of in a micropub is something to write home about ๐Ÿ˜„

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    1. Yes, but wasn’t Bury identified as probably the northern town where our old friend from Partridge Green went and couldn’t find any real ale ?


      1. I don’t think so, as it doesn’t have a main line railway station. My money’s on somewhere like Rochdale or Rotherham.


      2. T’other Mudgie,
        Possibly but I seem to remember that the only real beer he found was in Tim’s Sir Robert Peel.
        And if he can get the bus from Partridge Green to Horsham surely he could get the tram from Manchester to Bury.


    2. Yes, and “the shrine of brewing in Wolverhampton” reminds me that the swine of Wolverhampton end up in the Great Western’s delicious pork baps that I’m sure we”ll all enjoy washed down with a pint of Holdens Old Ale on our ways home next Friday. .


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