Sheffield has made Time Out’s list of “city breaks you must do before the next variant” or whatever.

Clearly this simply reflects my own move a year ago, and if I move again in 2022 you can expect Carluke to make that list.

Sheffield scores highly on green space (see below), shuffleboard bars and crumbling John Smiths pubs.

No mention of Sheffield’s pubs in Time Out, which is rather like recommending a trip to Liverpool and not mentioning the “attack a visiting team coach” free activity.

We’re still discovering the local pubs, including a few GBG classics, and honestly I’d never heard of the Stag’s Head on the edge of Sharrow Vale despite it looking a Thornbridge flagship.

What better sight is there in a pub on a winter’s day than a plasma screen displaying a real fire ?

This one is very much the community pub for the upmarket area bordering the string of parks out west, with support for the world’s oldest football club much in evidence.

We arrived straight from church across the road at 11:45 on Sunday, surprised to find it open, relieved to get a table for lunch, and disconcerted to see a string of handpumps in a dining pub. Thornbridge is the Black Country Ales of the Peaks, desperate to show off its shiny range of excellent beers and sometimes seeming to overreach a bit.

But not here.

Jaipur for the lady, a new Dark Mild for me, casual sexism in action.

Instantly I can tell they’re good. Better than good, clean and crisp, NBSS 3.5+ stuff. Blimey.

We get the nice window seat so we can observe the joy of a family Christmas meal opposite, and Mrs RM gets a bit misty eyed as the Grandparents coo and fuss over their grandchildren before Mum and Dad arrive.

A classic Christmas soundtrack at just the right volume, though sadly no “Stop the Cavalry” so we can assume Old Mudgie won’t be heading here any time soon.

The Stag’s is a classy, unfussy pub with an unfussy menu, even in Christmas month.

Observe the size of that Yorkie, but also observe Mrs RM’s nearly drained Jaipur glass.

Another Jaipur please” she asks, and gets.

And she gets a mulled wine outside Peaks Sports Bar as the Sharrow Vale Christmas market makes us feel unusually festive.

No, only joking.


    1. A whippet being exercised at the top of Kingston Hill this afternoon reminded me that whippets are one of the best breeds of dog.


  1. Because I don’t follow beer twitter, or CAMRA tewitter, or most of pub twitter for that matter, the existence of so many Thornbridge pubs had entirely escaped me. I thought they were still just a post-craft brewery with a tap room. Those two pints settling are the most attractive things I’ve seen since St Ninians Church in Corby yesterday. These are the images that invoke such a strong drink reflex I wonder whether I am in fact an alcoholic. Again.

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      1. When Mrs B had her cake empire she got a three star award from the Guild of Fine Food and that took us to a reception at Fortnum’s, where I met the people from Thornbridge. Numerous complimentary halves of Jaipur were consumed.

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      2. T’other Paul,
        Yes, I thought choice was what mattered, and beers from one brewery isn’t a proper choice.


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