On Sunday night I proved what a big softy I am by not only letting Matt have my ticket to see top popsters Loathe, but also driving him and Emma back across the Snake Pass at 23:00 because the trains from Sheffield end early, it being levelling up and all.

With James joining the Loathers at Sheffield Students Union, we met had a family catch-up at the nearest pub, because ad Chris Whitty says we need to prioritise and I know what my priorities are.

Sadly, student pub exemplar Doctor’s Orders still has Star Pub’s “For Lease” sign up, though at least it has open after devastatingly being closed when the in-laws were here in June (for two (2) weeks).

It has the same sort of loveably scruffy, sticky air of Manchester’s Salisbury, so Emma felt at home, but lacked the crowds and the GBG potential.

Decent seating, mind.

My order was two pints of Amstel, a half of Blonde (for pre-emptive tick purposes), a rum and coke and two large Cokes.

£16.10. Matt reckoned it would have been £26.10 in Ancoats.

How is Sheffield so cheap ? And why does Matt call a beer mat a “coaster” ?

Never mind. At least he recognised the Specials, whose studio version of Too Much, Too Young is no match for the live Number one.

I’m glad our lads and lasses are making the most of life, anyway. Apparently, “Loathe are the biggest band in the world right now“.

Here’s one of their more radio-friendly hits;

5 thoughts on “TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG

  1. Sheffield is one of top five pub cities in England 👏 live version miles better but bonus points for hooking me in with that blog post title👍 Can I suggest track 11 – stupid marriage – for a future one 😃 purely for research purposes of course

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  2. Up the loathe! Never heard of them. But Black Marble must be wry sideways glance at the pub industry. Hardcore.


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