Ticking in singles now, with an ultra-rare canalside pub in the Vale of Belvoir, whose main claim to fame is its pronunciation.

If the map looks familiar, I was here, a mile from the Dirty Duck back in April, in a campervan by Grantham Canal. AND NO-ONE TOLD ME IT WAS GOING TO BE IN THE GUIDE !

That’s always the way; you visit a place and the least expected pub gets in the Guide 6 months later.

Because I’ve brought the sunshine with me, this looks gorgeous on the approach.

Look how tall I am !

But let’s be honest, it’s an unashamed family diner.

Search in vain for the bench seating.

On the other hand, it’s unfussy; no “Have you a reservation ?” or “Will you be dining with us ?”.

Just a cheerful welcome and a well-served XB. Cool, foamy and dry, one of the best pints of Bateman’s for some time.

You can tell a good pint by 3 things;

the lacings, the scummy head,

and whether there’s CAMRA discount. I can’t confirm the latter.

Latin birds too, shame about the Ed Sheeran covers.


    1. Very much Midlands, it sits in Lincolnshire just down from Belvoir Castle over the border in Leicestershire. The post office’s attempts to muddy the water with their postcode allocations don’t help matters in that part of the world.


  1. In the 1970s the pub was known as the Dirty Duck but was officially the Rutland Arms. A Whitbread house then, it has clearly had more than a lick of paint in recent years.


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