Seven months in Sheffield, and there are STILL famous pub I’ve yet to (re)visit.

After a few days recovering from BRAPA (3 months is recommended but 3 days had to suffice), I wandered down to Commonside for a 4pm Monday pint.

Mrs RM was still in her “I’m tired of pubs” phase (it didn’t last), and despite giving local legend Will a full 2 minutes notice he failed to join me in the Hallamshire House. Some people just hate pubs, don’t they ?

Commonside is the area packed with students who still live in terraced houses rather than the modern serviced flats that have taken over the undergrad digs market this century. Bit cheaper than the modern places and the added bonus of the “Guess where that smell is coming from” game.

Plenty of students around on Monday queueing for vegan supplies, but none in the Hallamshire two days after England qualified for a semi final that would surely end in tears.

I was met at the entrance by a lovely young barman in charge of serving pints, telling off customers for not signing in, ushering you through to the lovely back room and ensuring a constant supply of late ’60s blues classics on the jukebox. He’ll lose one of those onerous tasks come Monday, we hope.

ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 34 – Hallamshire House

You’ll notice the GBG 2020 sticker on the frosted window. It fell out of the Guide last October, replaced by equally worthy entry down the hill you can see by the back window.

But as you’ll know, Guide form are temporary, pub class (?) is permanent.

This was a wonderful 45 minutes to restore your faith in Monday afternoon drinking.

My notes say this was a hazy but cool and crisp Kipling (3.5), by far the best Thornbridge I’ve had since moving north. It’s meant to be hazy, isn’t it ? Will would have known if he’d been there.

Over “Voodoo Child” the two other beer tourists discussed the pub’s full size snooker table and sipped keg, so I thought I’d follow suit and had a Tzara Koln.

Obviously Koln beers have to be accompanied by proper local pork pies, it’s the Reinheitsgebot or something, and I can see why there are rules like that as this was marvellous.

It’s a good job Mrs RM called me at that moment to say “Tea’s ready” or I’d have been on the Choco Imperial Stouts, and Passion Fruit sours, and we know where that ends.


  1. When you invited me to join you for a pint, I didn’t know you were planning on drinking a keg beer from Thornbridge. Luckily I had a good excuse which had the additional benefit of being completely true.


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