Sheffield has another new destination beer place in Kelham Island.

ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 44 – Heist, Kelham Island

I’d been walking past Heist‘s premises, next to the Gardener’s Rest, for months, desperate to bring you a report from a large industrial unit with thirty (30) keg taps and a shuffle board.

This is the place to come to if you like forgetting the name of the beer you want before you get served. Trying to remember “Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness”, “This Little Piggy Went To Market” and “Hoppu QDH DIPA” for five minutes at the bar is akin to that memory test Trump did where you get extra points for getting it in the right order.

I tipped up, like the stubbly hipster I undoubtedly am, on their second day and was surprised it was open all day (coffee and WiFi from 9am).

The thirds aren’t badly priced, so you can get nicely chilled, as the kids say, for a tenner. Particularly if you venture onto the 10% imperial stouts early.

Yes, it’s like a permanent Indy Man Beer Con, except cheaper and without the changing rooms.

Drink more than a tenner’s worth and you too can become an expert on the shuffle board, shove penny or grabber, which surely needs some soft toys in there.

There was Dylan and Hendrix, and burgers and donuts too, but I resisted those as I wanted something less healthy. A guy popped over from the bar for a chat about their plans and I suggested they pull out the keg and put Bass on.

I loved it !

Look, I spent nearly two hours here.

I NEVER spend two hours, anywhere. Perhaps it was the soundtrack; where else can you hear “Sailing”, “Please Don’t Go” and “True” in the same drinking session ?

18 thoughts on “IT’S A HEIST !

    1. Oh yes, thought you might be interested in that. As Mrs RM said a week later, it’s like a giant Beer 52 but you get to enjoy it with other people over a posh burger. Make a date when you visit Sheffield.

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  1. I’m going to give it a try, but I can’t guarantee to be as enthusiastic about it as you. But, as I always say, some of this keg beer is pretty good, isn’t it! (I wish I could claim 50p every time my slogan is used, but so far it’s only me using it.)

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      1. So when I hand it over at the bar, the server has to go on Discourse to make sure it’s a GOOD beer? Doesn’t sound very efficient to me. I could be drinking Marstons 61 Deep and how would they know if it was GOOD or not? They could ask me, of course, but I’d have to be honest and say no it’s crap and then I wouldn’t get the 50p discount. As Ray Davies sang, “Life is complicated – got to get away from this complicated life.”


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