The only problem with the thirds sampling at Heist is that you’re always going to want to finish the night afternoon with a pint in a Proper Pub.

Luckily, the Gardener’s Rest is literally next door.

ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 45 – Gardener’s Rest, Kelham Island

I’d been walking over Rutland Road Bridge for months now, eyeing up the famous garden by the Don.

But having relied on some wonderful cask take-out from here to get me through the Lockdown I’d somehow neglected to actually pop in and enjoy the actual pub.

Last time here was in 2017, as James started Uni life and Matt enjoyed the skate park across the road.

It took me ages to find that post, either because I continually type in Gardener’s Arms or forget the apostrophe or the first “e”.

The Rest is definitely one of the Sheffield classics.

That’s Gorilla Blonde, from mercurial Mexborough, home of the Concertina Club and Imperial Brewery, your other top places for a £3 pint.

It was cool, fresh and foamy, the sort of tasty beer you get in Bewdley.

I took it outside, to the best beer garden in the country, to see how it reacted to the word “breadcakes” on the blackboard.

Almost immediately, I smelt “brewery” in the pint glass. Not kidding. NBSS 3.5+ became 4. I will happily lecture on this subject over a pint of Doom Bar in a Craft Union pub of your choice.

Check the lacings and weep, Americans.

Finally, an apology.

I may have inadvertently implied that crafty beer venue Heist had been playing Chris Cross and Spandau Ballet that night, as they popped up on my Google timeline.

Categorically, it was a worse-for-wear retiredmartin, googling “Classic” on his way to pick up his order from Sang Lung.


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