Just to prove this blog isn’t all thirds of craft beer in sheds…

Last Thursday I had to get the train to Rotherham to pick up our campervan from Gemini repair centre following a minor altercation.

See the source image

Most people have their vehicles delivered back on a truck, but who could pass up on the chance of smashed avocado on toast in Rotherham ?

Not me.

And on another glorious South Yorkshire morning (they started last December) I get to see the town’s glories under blue skies.

That church on the bridge would make a great micro.

I don’t know if the County really opens at 9am, but the mobility scooter and open door are good signs.

Sadly (?) the Rhinoceros was sold by Spoons recently, and sold to the mysterious South Wales Pub Co. I may have missed out on a pint of Double Dragon or Cwtch.

Apparently the marvellous Red Lion is a prosecco bar. I must take Mrs RM there when it re-opens.

I have the Minster all to myself.

Fitzwilliam & Hughes is the place I visited in February when we weren’t allowed to sit down in cafes and pubs and you got “tut-tutted” if you sat on the bench to sip your coffee. We’ll look back on those times like we look back on rationing, I guess.

It’s the smartest place in Rotherham, a little gem where the coffee is hot, the food is fresh and one of the staff has put on a nu-folkie soundtrack (“Girl in Red”, since you ask, Dave).

Then I admire the weird gravestone which seems to commemorate City’s five (5) Premier league wins,

and head to the underpass leading to the industrial estates.

The street art, with this masterful rendering of Rotherham from Greasborough, never disappoints.


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