Reader Etu will be thrilled to know that the Aygo passed its MOT (care of We MOT Anything, of Hillsborough), and stands on the brink of 200,000 miles (in 6 years, one of which was a pandemic(.

To celebrate, we set off on our first campervan of August to finish the East Yorkshire section of the GBG.

Well, that’s not actually what I told Mrs RM of “tired of pubs” fame, something closer to “let’s go to the seaside I think“.

An easy run of M18/M62/small road up from Howden near power stations brings you east of York, and therefore safe of BRAPA.

A first ever trip to Niweton iuxta Derwent*, which is the Landbeach of the North i.e. it has nothing much to see but tells its story of nothing ever so impressively.

Mrs RM was trying to connect a phone to the campervan’s dashboard (or something), so I left her for 20 minutes to tick off the Half Moon, having seem nothing of note in the High Street.

Let’s be honest, you’ve seen this one a thousand times before, perhaps on this very blog.

Several real ales, every other customer staring at them and then saying “Am..stel”.

Mrs RM didn’t like the colour scheme, I thought it very casual dining, but I have to commend the cheeriness of the young staff, who had opened early (just for me, I guess) and served me in-between setting EVERY table for dining.

Well, it seemed like it.

Everything seemed reserved, so I rather over-emphasized the “only popping in for a quick half, won’t need a table” spiel.

And even then I was asked “Do you want to sit inside or outside, Sir“.

I plonked myself down and downed a crisp, tasty (NBSS 3.5+) half of local Ainsty in about 3 minutes, admiring the chunky table,

and entertained by the exuberant staffing singing along to this classic;

“You make me feel like a loa loa lo”.

What was that song ? Not Carole King, surely. I have no idea and will take the torment to my grave.

They can embalm me in the Ginger & Lime hand wash, perhaps the smartest of the year so far.

But it’s a low bar.

*if you’d learn your Latin like the Prime Minister you’d know what that meant.


      1. OK, what about Cobra Starship’s “You make me feel” then? I’ve never heard of them, but that applies to most music of this millennium.

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