Regular readers will know what I think about home drinking, and the superiority of the pub over the lounge.

I’m a dying breed.

Some of Beer Twitter took offence at this, rather missing the point Mudgie was making back in July when he noted the “rancid snobbery” of folk horrified that anyone could enjoy a plain pint in a plain pub;

Uncanny. A photo that captures Brexit Britain. A life epitomised by a crap beer in a miserable bar being told by a bunch of crooked politicians that they’re having a good time and helping Britain.” – Gary

I’m afraid I’ve been drinking at home, folks. And not to save micro-breweries or pubs. If I’m honest, it’s just the basis for a walk and a chance to peep inside a pub while they fill my milk bottle with murk.

I’m guided by Sheffield CAMRA, who have recovered from the great disappointment of not being able to welcome Stafford Paul to a physical CAMRA AGM in April by pressing on with promoting the pubs.

There’s even an interactive guide to takeaway beer; I could print it out and pink it in, couldn’t I ?

Here’s the take-outs I’m admitting to since we moved to Sheffield last month.

The Bradfield brewery shop minikeg

This was my birthday treat (actually I wanted Belgian Blue but it had gone) and it was a disaster, with me failing to follow simple instructions on the top and a video link which ended with 3 pints out of 9 on Mrs RM’s shoes and (soon to be discarded) carpet.

Ed Zeppelin said “Tip on releasing pressure from mini-kegs; carefully pour off some beer first, until the flow eases, then open the vent.” Too late, Ed.

It started off too cold, but by the time we finished the keg for Christmas lunch it was NBSS 3.5 standard. At least, I thought it was finished. But I went back to it 2 days later, tipped it at an angle, and somehow squeezed another pint and a half (each !) out at midnight.

The 2 pint of cask pub takeout

At the venerable Kelham Island Tavern,

and the Gardener’s Rest

and the Fat Cat

and the Harlequin

we’ve had some wonderful beer, alternating porters and bitters and crafty keg with impunity.

The only problem is, cask must by law be enjoyed within 3 hours, which means drinking 4 pints between us in an evening out of Bass glasses (NBSS 3.5/4). That’s not a habit you can keep up forever.

So we’ve had a few nights testing out craft beers of lower ABV. Mrs RM bought me this for my birthday.

And I picked up a 4 pack of (former) Locale Stones Bitter from Morrisons, which has a formidable collection of cans, cheese and kippers.

It’s rubbish, unless you chill it then shake it, after which it tastes a bit like Caffrey’s.

This week I’ll head into South Sheffield; Jabbarwocky has Polish vodka even if the beer’s run out.


  1. I know you’re new here and still finding your feet, but I have to tell you: it’s the Gardeners Rest.

    And if you’re going to check out the Polish bar, perhaps you can settle a dispute over how they spell the name: the signs on the pub when I photographed it said Jabeerwocky (which is the name of a craft beer pub in Warsaw, I believe) but their Facebook page and Twitter account, and also WhatPub, now have Jabbarwocky. (Possibly a trade name dispute?) I may have to go and take another photo.

    Thank you so much.

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    1. It used to be the Gardener’s Rest but you’re not allowed to rest there at the moment, you can only put your arms over the threshold to hand your milk bottle over.

      Ooh, I love a dispute over a name. WhatPub suggests it changed from beer to bar recently.


  2. I see you have been shopping at Morrisons -how very Northern -you will be venturing into Jack Fultons next ! (& why not ! ) We have had one mini keg so far -it was a bit of a sod to open but was a success -we gave a couple of pints to a friend with a promise of more if he wanted -next day he was round ,clutching his milk carton -I think he just wanted to peep into our house.Apart from that we have just been getting a few growlers from the Cellars which sadly doesn’t look particularly inviting when it’s not open . We have the same marble hearth as you -circa 1996 -I hate it along with the very naff gas fire sitting on top but as we have just had new carpets fitted ,it is there to stay for the forseeable

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    1. Oh it’s Jack Fulton is it ? Seen them competing with Heron, who we know well. Perhaps I should buy some Fulton beer !

      I understand the appeal of peeping into other people’s houses while getting take-out beer.

      Christine has a major refurbishment programme to get rid of the carpets as long as traders are allowed in our house; hopefully I’ll be allowed to stay.

      What mini keg did you get ?


      1. Mad Cat 9th Life -fairly local from Brogdale -5.9% Had been bought with the intention of sharing it with the lad but of course that didn’t happen so the neighbour got a bonus -think he ended up with more than my husband ! Our carpets were all replaced in about June(ordered pre lockdown ) I was terrified of allowing 2 blokes into the house & we left them too it & cleaned & aired well after they had gone -we survived.

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