The first month of the new GBG ticking season is one of high excitement for the Maltmeisters, BRAPAs and that Scottish chap. Is that new entry in Harrogate the same as the Old Tap & Spile ? What’s happened to all the micros in Burton ? And are there really TWO new entries in the same building in Buxton.

No. No there aren’t two new entries, and even the newbie is very arguable.

What was for several years the Buxton Tap is now called 53º @ Buxton Tap House, and sits in The Old Court House, George St rather than plain George St. Just to confuse Simon, who I think may be remembering the old 53 Degrees/Beltane up the hill. Hope you’re making notes.

The new entry to the Guide is a cellar bar below (obviously) the Buxton Tap, cunningly called 53° North @ The Cellar Bar. Here it is, Si.

Note that Google doesn’t recognise it as a separate business; it has the same Facebook page and phone number and smacks a bit of Lady of Mann lunacy to me (ask your Scouse mate about that).

Despite operating as an overflow for the main bar, which was packed at lunchtime, the cellar bar wasn’t actually open till 2pm.

So I had half an hour to admire the fairy at the gates of the Opera House and some rare plants in the botanic gardens.

Buxton was buzzing, gentlefolk arriving in their hundreds from places with less GBG entries, all looking a bit underwhelmed by the Christmas markets.

I headed to the door of the cellar at 13:56, told seven people it wasn’t open yet (but they still tried the door as they assumed I was lying), then beat a group of gentlefolk who attempted to beat me to the bar when the door creaked open at 13:58.

I’d finished my unexceptional half of something about rambling by the stroke of 14:00, remaining only to wonder why all four gentlefolk felt it necessary to crowd round the bar when they could have sat down and barked out instructions like “Gin & Tonic” and “Something like lager” from the comfort of the seats.

Plenty of blog material for young Simon (above) when he does arrive here, but I advise him to do the main bar as well as I’d hate to have misled him on such an important matter as a GBG tick.


  1. Highly debatable as you say – have referred its status to t’Commitee. Lady of Mann indeed. If it’s like the one that assesses rare birds (or government misconduct) it will report back in a couple of years.

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  2. We were there the other week. As far as I am aware there is no way to walk between the two places without going outside, hence the separate entries and they definitely have separate bars and bar staff and also the cellar bar isn’t directly under the Buxton Tap. The beer you had was no doubt Buxton Right To Roam.

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    1. Is that true ? It’s definitely the same website, phone number and same entry on Google Maps.

      If so it’s definitely a swizz to have two entries. They could have used one of them to put Youlgreave’s “George” in the Guide and shut up Wickingman.


  3. Definitely a swizz, trouble is that Youlgreave is not in the High Peak branch area. However the same branch would not consider the Paper Mill at Whitehough because it has the same ownership as the Old Hall!,


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