Think of this as a short bonus post on a day when other news may take your attention from my blog. (Congratulations Carrie and Boris).

On Sunday I became the first person ever (ever) to visit Cheadle, Staffs four (4) times in a calendar year. Even Mrs RM said “Cheadle? Not again !” and she missed half those trips.

Twice to tick GBG entries, once to find the Bakers Arms unexpectedly closed, and of course once to recover Mrs RMs coat. #hero

The latest trip saw me nip in an unexpectedly open Eastern European bakery for a salt heavy feta and spinach pastry, and be second through the door in the Bakers.

It’s a smart little place that wouldn’t feel out of place in t’other Cheadle, and if the main trade seemed to be Carling rather than cask then that’s no problem.

Actually, the cask was “OK”. And I mean that in the strict CAMRA definition of the word.

But I’m afraid my take home from Cheadle was the manner I was asked what I wanted as I was still walking to the bar.

If you always drink Carling, that’s no problem. But even the most unfussy cask drinker in the world (that’s me) is entitled to 1 second staring at 3 pumps to make sure they’re not ordering a 10% Bbarley wine, surely ?


  1. I think I might have answered “a glass of beer please”; by the time the exasperated barperson had asked me to clarify, I’d have been at the bar and able to choose.

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    1. Great stuff, Bill, and if you were feeling generous you could merrily bumble “Ooh, a nice glass of beer I think. Now then, let’s see what you’ve got”

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  2. I’m with you on this one Martin. Regularly I will go to the bar with my significant other and say ‘a pint of cider please’ (for my significant other whilst I survey the ale options) ‘anything else?’ is the curt inevitable immediate response. Well, go and get me my cider and in the time it takes to pour it I’ll tell you.

    We are lucky enough to have a lot more choice these days, please appreciate that bar folk

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    1. Excellent point, Mark. There is nothing ruder than that “Anything else” or “And” when you’re taking a moment to look. They wouldn’t rush your perusal of the food menu, would they ? And some of those beers cost more than the starters.


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