Perhaps strangely, I prefer driving Mrs RM to drink rather than the other way round.  Since she reads this, I’ll stop there.

We had lunch at Buxton Brewery’s Tap, a place I’d wanted to visit for some time. Their apparent lack  of commitment to cask has upset some, but they’ve produced some of my favourite bottled beers, albeit at challenging strengths (e.g. Axe Edge and Extra Stout).

We caught it on a boisterous mid afternoon. A couple of Spanish girls were conducting a Skype conversation with their Auntie in Madrid with volume turned up to 11, while another couple of mates were energetically debating the merits of shin beef chili v braised lamb shoulder (we nipped our order in while they dithered). Doggie seemed unimpressed.

Top Tap House conversation

I had a taste of Mrs RM’s Extra Stout and Axe Edge, which were both a bit too good. The Moor Top, one of two on handpump, was decent enough, but a bit apologetic facing the stronger (key ?) keg stuff.

Mrs RM would have liked the strongest beer listed first

We enjoyed the food a lot too, shin beef winning by a head. I liked the styling, but it won’t appeal to the traditionalist. Mrs RM was past caring.


It was a flying stop in Buxton.  Having to pay anything more than 50p for an hour of parking focuses the mind, so here’s my other highlight from the visit.  At my age, I’m easily pleased.


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