You’ve probably deduced by now that I don’t jump for joy at the prospect of even more micropubs in the Beer Guide.  Despite decent beer quality, keen pricing and plenty of banter, they rarely produce the variety of custom, and atmosphere, of a great English pub. And many of them look exactly the same.

Buxton’s Ale Stop is like nothing else.

It’s a bit of an assault on the senses, like an earthier Sheppey or Major Tom’s Social, though here the art is pretty exclusively provided by an eclectic collage of record sleeves.

The owner is a bundle of energy, keen to promote his tight range of cask and his live music. If you want European remixes of Ultravox LPs accompanying your Northern pale ales there is nowhere better.  I want one in Cambridge now, with that “Cut Like A Buffalo” on permanently.

The Ale Stop is this year’s worthy new Guide entry in Buxton, a town seemingly able to conjure a new gem on an annual basis these days, even if that means losing the Buxton Tap.

Indy Bux coming here soon

Buxton is an odd place, the posh shops of the old baths contrasting with some very down-to-earth offerings along Spring Gardens. Milton’s Head has a similarly adventurous music policy to the Ale Stop, judging by its posters.

Future live attractions @ Miltons Head

An essential stop on any tour of Britain that starts and ends in Stockport; Buxton will really be something when they finally take the scaffolding off the new Brew Dog (I assume that’s what it is).

4 thoughts on “BUXTON ALE STOP

  1. Buxton is a lovely town. Martin, did you see St Mary the Virgin, a rare and very fine example of an Arts & Crafts parish church, just downhill from The Cheshire Cheese ? A churchwarden told us that it is prone to vandalism though, and has to be locked up most of the time !
    Musical Trivia ; We saw Eilza Carthy at the Opera House one year. Her father, Folk legend Martin Carthy, taught Paul Simon the traditional English song “Scarborough Fair” who went on to have a hit with it, much to Mr Carthy`s chagrin…
    Back on topic – Titanic`s Cheshire Cheese looks great from the outside, but internally is pretty dull IMO. Nice Plum Porter notwithstanding. Not been since GBG17 and so didn`t notice The Ale Stop anywhere..


  2. We visited the Ale Stop not long after it first opened and didn’t get on with the place. The beer was fine, and there was an uncomfortable ‘atmosphere’ despite there only being 2 other customers!


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