A year ago this week your favourite bunch of old codgers met in Buxton for a day on the craft.

Curry Charles and I failed to make the 9am start in Spoons. Partly because of the wait for my request breakfast,

Proper Scottish breakfast

and partly because Charles made the big mistake, huge, of living in Dereham.

3hr 25

So by the time we arrived at the Queens Head Hotel the true #Pubmen were already 3-0 up.

Stafford Paul’s itinerary
Abbeydale delivery blocks my Aygo

Despite the Bass clock our excellent lodgings had slow moving cask. A bit like the hour hands.

Only 3 hours wrong

Actually, despite being in the bit of Derbyshire closes to Stockport I don’t think Buxton beer has ever really sparkled.

We had a team meeting while Charles thought up innuendos.

Sheffield Hatter explains his 6 pub diversion

Good job we did the Swan.

Spot the Tetley

In and out of the GBG, spot on that day.

“Noises of approval from the group for the improved Tets, and for an unchanging pub attracting Old Boys playing doms and with space to hide in the corner with a paper.”

Doms not Dominic

I needed fresh air and hills, so led a craft breakaway to preemptives by the Opera House .


Future Brunn…..
Tim’s dad. Rest in peace Tim

Redwillow made us feel we were in Macclesfield ,

Should have nicked the kitchen roll

but Monk was something else entirely, more in common with Havana than High Peak. Some interesting smells here, too.

“Is the DIPA back?”
Cheerful Charles loved this

No cask in Monk, and frankly keg is best in the Buxton Brewery tap, too.

Axe Edge taking a toll

Particularly if you seek oblivion before hitting the A6 micros.


15 thoughts on “BUXTON – A GOODIE

    1. Yes. And if Paul hadn’t been barred from the Wolverhampton Wetherspoons last year he could have been a permanent exhibit in the Spoons Museum.

      I do hope the virus won’t stop the museum opening, it will brighten all our days.


  1. I’m sorry I missed that trip. It’s a long time since I was last in Buxton; certainly for a drink.

    Back in my student days, I remember catching a train out from Manchester, taking a walk out of town into the foothills of the Pennines, before returning to an excellent Hardy & Hanson’s pub. Excellent beers, from a much missed brewery!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. T’other Paul,
      Yes, and I thought the Cheshire Cheese was much better under Hardy’s and Hanson’s than Titanic. Two beers was plenty and ten is unnecessary.
      Last April I returned to Buxton the following week as it deserves two days.
      The Swan was undoubtedly the best pub but my biggest disappointment is that the Holts, Hydes and Robinsons pubs were all a disappointment compared to the equivalent nearer the brewery.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Great stuff. Seen the sketch of course, never knew TBT was in it. We paused to admire the family business in Buxton a year ago.

      The Goodies made more sense to an 11 year old me than the Python repeats. Also loved Rutland Weekend TV at that time.


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