I was recently thinking of UK places that have become iconic in the last few years, and came up with Halifax’s Piece Hall, the Ouseburn Valley, and the Millennium Walkway in New Mills. For all I know The South has some iconic places of its own, but it’s a while since I went to Aldershot.

Matthew had popped to New Mills from Manchester the other Sunday, raved about the food by the walkway, and last Tuesday I headed back myself for a brand new GBG22 tick.

It wasn’t this one though,

but Matt had been to Shrub Club in the mill and I hate having children being one up on me.

Blimey, you could be in one of those Devon pubs run by an octogenarian selling warm Otter.

It’s a cosy bar with tables overlooking the Goyt, “specialising in small plate food and unique shrub and sherbet cocktails“.

And Torrside craft beers, as found in Stockport’s top craft bar.

Sadly, Shrub won’t get in the GBG with only cask cider on the pumps, but that won’t stop the Pashmina Paulines switching their dark peak pound from Hayfield to New Mills to drink gin on the padded seats and staring at the river.

I drank something chilled but tasty called Shrub-A-Dub-Dub, of course,

and had a late lunch of lamb kofta (NLKSS 4.5); the lovely staff were thrilled when I told them how I’d scored it.

A decade ago the culinary options in New Mills seemed to be pizza or burger; how quickly things change when you get youth involved.

A group of walkers came in, asked a series of increasingly detailed questions about parking their campervans outside, stared at the keg pumps for a minute and then chose flat whites, lattes and a pot of tea. #KegIsDead.

Young folk rubbed shoulders with old (not me, obvs), a walker came back and asked if anyone had handed in his lost army badge, I stared out of the same window as Matt had a week before.

The soundtrack moved from “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” to “This Is How It Feels” ; Greater Manchester classics both.

I moved on.


  1. I have been to the Shrub Club – I called in soon after opening time when on my way to Buxton, as it fills part of the time gap involved if changing from a Sheffield-Manchester train to a Manchester-Buxton train without going into Manchester. It was way too early in the day for a beer, so I had a coffee. Must go back some time when I’m in the mood for a keg beer or two.


    1. I’ll come with you if you want. Need the cellar bar in the Buxton bar which is a new entry in the GBG only open late in the week. New Mills only needs one other really good pub to be a major beer attractions if you visit when Rock Mill is open (Masons Arms is good, the micro is a micro).


      1. The Cellar Bar was closed for refurbishment at the weekend when I was there in August, but I see it is now open from 4pm Thu/Fri/Sat. So I’ll be happy to accompany you for that as long as it’s a Thursday!


  2. Yes,I think I would like the Shrub ! The lack of cask wouldn’t have gone down well with Mr S but he’s not too precious about these things nowadays & would have found something to his taste -he has lager at our local -at least it has a bit of % to it so we go home happy

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