A quick post showing how I filled the gap between lunch and opening time at my New Mills new tick.

After admiring the Torrs,

and confirming that the micropub wasn’t opening especially for me, I hit the canal.

Note the Cambridge United ultras sticker.

I guess Cambridge fans are used to scary cows outside the Abbey.

Half an hour brings you to Disley, gateway to Lyme Park and, more importantly, Stockport.

Talking of which, Robbies pubs provide the only obvious life on the A6 on Tuesday afternoon.

But I’m all Robbied out and after admiring the golden postbox,

I settle for a black coffee in Frankies Wine Bar, a well run place but I’ve no confidence in the cask, which means you should place your bets on it at 12/1 for GBG23.

And then I headed back to the glories of New Mills.


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