To be honest, I’m getting a bit tired of being stuck in the UK, seeing other pub men tweeting from exotic foreign locations like Bratislava.

or Bideford. But I just can’t be doing with the hassle of accessing tests abroad or risk getting stuck at Paisley airport for weeks, even though there’s a good GBG entry there.

So no Bruges, but I did take Mrs RM, the lads and Annie from Dortmund (via Waterbeach) to City v Bruges last Wednesday*.

OK, Club Brugge, pedants.

These big European nights aren’t universally welcomed by City fans,

but £20 a ticket, roughly the price of a cocktail and a pint of Shindigger in the Northern Quarter, ensures a full house.

Muggins here gets to drive us across the M62, parking up near the Marble Arch,

which makes my decision about a pre-match beer for Mrs RM and Annie easy (James is getting his hair cut by Matt, proving men can multitask).

A repeat visit to the Arch, mere days after lunch with Matt there. Better photos for you this time if I say it myself.

Mrs RM chose me a half of the weak one, a lovely mild from Moor I nearly had the previous Saturday.

Mrs RM and Annie were blown away by the pub, and a bit miffed half the tables had “reserved” signs on meaning we were moved on after 20 minutes. I hope the folk who reserve tables in pubs turn up.

So tea in Mackie Mayor across the ring road, another place to impress visitors.

Quite how Mrs RM found the LAST table next to the Blackjack bar I’ll never know, and won’t speculate on.

I was really miffed I was driving at this point, but the flat black and tacos were lovely, and it was charming to see Matt buy James a pint of Blackjack cask but I’m not sure James was as appreciative as I hoped.

Five seats in a row at the Etihad to see some of the best players in the world for less than £100. And you get to see grown men pushing a paper boat along the South Stand. Decent refereeing, too.

Yes, they really do wear flat caps in The North.

*YES ! AM catching up with the blog and only have 3,722 photos to sort into exciting posts.

7 thoughts on “PRE-BRUGES

  1. The best players in the world will be playing in the match between Blackburn Community and Hull City. I don’t expect we will be charged anywhere near £20 either.

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