Being up-to-date, I can bring you a few highlights from my recently discovered cache of Google photos.

Starting with a pre-blog 2015 trip to Ghent and Bruges, just for regular reader and pashmina expert Pauline.

Ghent is one of my favourite cities, just behind Manchester, Nuremberg and Wolverhampton.

Plenty of great pubs here, but you’ll need to look at Pubmeister’s blog for those.

Oddly, I have no pub pictures from Ghent, whose waterfront is one of the world’s greatest, but plenty from Bruges.

I have no idea which this next one is, except that it’s near the Beijinhof.

Mrs RM liked this one a lot, oddly.

But all I remember is the sign about bras. That may jog someone’s memory.

I DO remember De Garre, which came after the tiniest bit of sightseeing.

De Garre is a wee bit touristy and twee, but there’s no better place to lose an afternoon than with 3 glasses of their sole draught beer.

Only now do I realise it’s 11.5%. Which explains a lot.

19 thoughts on “BELGIAN BOOZE-UP

    1. The “Ghent” means the same in both cases, I read, Richard. Flat, higher ground surrounded by an edge. Kent means the same too, as does the first syllable of Kinder Scout.


  1. Seeing that ham slicing machine machine in a pub reminds of a Youngs pub by the River Thames in Battersea which used to have a big old metal frying pan on the stove in the back bar permanently filled with large sausages gently sizzling away.
    One of those with a crusty roll and some English mustard was great soakage on our pub crawl.
    Speaking of sausages is anyone thinking of giving their loved ones a nice love sausage this Valentine’s ?
    Mrs P P-T is partial to a nice love sausage but doesn’t need a special occasion to enjoy some fine British pork.
    Shame these are not on sale over here.


    1. P P-T,
      No, nothing special planned – but I’ve always thought that the words ‘Romany’ and ‘Romance’ could go well together !


    2. I’m not quite sure of the relevance of Valentines Day to a Belgian Booze-Up but being as P P-T has raised the subject I shall mention that in the Marstons pub on the high street this afternoon there was much publicity for “REALE LOVE” suggesting “Fall for our ales this Valentine’s Day. All Ales £1.99 a pint Thursday 14th February”.
      I might have got it wrong all my adult life but I thought the whole point of Valentine’s Day was to spend MORE time with ones loved one rather than getting out for a day on beers from one of Britain’s top brewers a bargain price.

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      1. Talking of weird stuff my son,fresh from his first 10K run and now building up to a half-marathon has alerted me to the Ciderthon.
        This is a half marathon in Taunton where there are free cider tasters every mile.
        What a brilliant idea.
        My marathon running days are behind me ( London and New York in the same year ) in fact any running is behind me as I’d probably keel over and die.
        But I might just do it as a fast walk and arrive 13 miles later comletely arse-holed.
        I shall start training tonight at the 5’o’clock club.

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      2. The sole point of Valentines Day, as with Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Mothers Day and Canada Day is to give structure to people’s dull little lives.
        Say no to ALL anniversaries and special days (except my birthday on 22 December).


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