By the time I got back from Blyth on Saturday afternoon (3:55 hours) I was emotionally drained.

Not JUST because pubs are back, or because I’d once again proved that Doom Bar is our No.1 cask beer (#FACT),  but due to stumbling on this as I passed, er, Grantham Downtown.


That’s for Michael from California who visits for the ’80s alternative music references.

“Welcome home, welcome
Come on in, and close the door
You’ve been gone, too long
Welcome, you’re home once more”

Dylan or McKee never wrote anything that emotional.

Mrs RM had already walked past our nominal local to assess the “carnage” foretold on Twitter, just like the dove sent out from the Arc.  She found nothing.

At 8pm I went to find out for myself.

“Martin !!” shouted two voices from the table at the front as I nervously debated which rule to break first.


It was Dortmund Annie and hipster Saimon (blogging like I’ve got friends now) out in the front with the iconic view of the green, kebab van and Chung Hwa.

Iconic view.  Parents’ house behind trees

They were bewildered that I was back already from my Doom Bar in Northumberland that I’d only blogged about that lunchtime.

Time to investigate a Proper Pub.  One way, table service in the little lounge to the right, pints from the bar in the public to the left.

They’ve has opened up a strip of seating to the side to ease pressure on the bar area,

Pub life

which now look refreshed, says Mrs RM.

Don’t drink it Mrs RM

All your favourites on the bar (pumps are in the lounge though some beers from the barrel).

Proper beers

Their guest craft has gone from Punk to Theakston to Lagunitas.  Your opinion please.

Is it any good ?

The Sun looks the archetypal “cash pub”, so the contactless machine is almost as jarring as the handwash.  Many regulars (and me) bought a voucher for the pub during Lockdown so lots of scribbling on ledgers was going on.

Despite being local, the Turpin’s Stout is sensational (NBSS 4).  The sun always shines on Waterbeach, as you know already.

Welcome back

Didn’t touch the sides.


Annie texted Mrs RM, and to my surprise she arrived ten minutes later with James, who was just after hot nuts.

Pleasingly, it meant that I wasn’t occupying a table for 4 3 on my own.

Still can’t forgive the glass

We had more pints of Stout and Pride (drinking well) and Ghost Ship. No idea what the Youngs had done to offend us.

You’ll be disappointed to hear everyone seemed to be following the rules and STILL enjoying themselves on a night of steady trade.  Steady steps.

Pub men

Saimon summed it up well, though he really needs to learn not to photograph people in pubs.

The real transformation is in the Gents;

Don’t worry, it’s still an outside bog

I have no idea what we talked about for an hour or so over 3 pints.

Oh, yes, Coveney. And diggers. And friendly policeman checking up on pubs.

It’s great to be back.


13 thoughts on “SUN ARISE

  1. Was the cleaner so busy taping off the urinals that they forgot to mop the floor ?
    Urinals are more hygienic than toilet bowls fitted with a flushing mechanism so what’s the alternative here ? Large plant pots ?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think “SUN ARISE” reminds me of an Australian entertainer who a few years ago was living across the road from the GBG listed Greyhound in Stafford.


    1. Glad you got home safely after that last cliffhanger RM. Hate to think what Mrs RM would have said if a wheel had gone missing…

      Heineken Lagunitas IPA – now there’s a masterpiece of misguided branding for you. It probably sold itself better without the ‘Heineken’ bit. Mind you – you can tell by the size of the beer tap that they’re probably just proud that they’ve bought a craft beer… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I’m collecting hate mail, Paul. Going back to the pub on the 4th, celebrating Wetherspoons, ordering Doom Bar, Rolf Harris….

      I had Gary Glitter’s “Hello Hello Good to be back” as a potential title, too.


  3. I’ve only ever had one or two Lagunitas in my time, but I associate them with the usual sort of hoppy American IPA. That may be unfair though. I like the sound of Turpin’s Stout, I must say– always nice when a local brewery turns out to be a good one.

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  4. Very nice photo of that pint of Turpin’s. I’d have been envious if I hadn’t had a couple of modest stouts myself at the Crow Inn in Sheffield today – no trips to Barnard Castle, I mean Blyth obviously, for me. Atom Retrogade Motion 6% on cask – so good I had it twice – and Wander Beyond Dark Drift Barrel Aged (is that even a name?) 9.7% on keg at just £8.70 a pint (a third was enough for me). It was absolutely gorgeous – like mixing the dregs of red wine and Guinness the morning after a student party, but in a good way. It was good to be back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Feel quite jealous with that mention of the Crow. My lad was in Uni digs 2 minutes up the hill and I never made it in there as a pre-emptive GBG21 tick (I guess)

      Sounds like it’s as good as it looks. How safe did you all feel (inside I assume) ?


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