Six London Guide pubs ticked on a Friday afternoon in 3 hours, leaving seven needed (2nd right column below) in the capital. Should be able to knock those off when I head back to Kings Cross to see a gig next week.

Don’t worry, Duncan, there’ll be a full spreadsheet soon enough.

My two trips to London this year have found decent but not stellar beer, a reduction in pumps on the bar, and some really friendly, relaxed service. And a £7 pint.

The second trip saw me tentatively return to the underground, having walked to Notting Hill last time.

I’d forgotten the joy of drunken hen and stag parties on packed trains, and the cheer when a couple of drunken hens failed to fall off the train at King’s Cross and headed to Barking (not known as party capital) will live long with me.

Hen parties are a famous English tradition, of course, and so is the inadvisable pint of ESB at the Parcel Yard to end the night.

I think we know who to blame for this tradition, don’t we, readers ?

I’m delighted to say the ESB is back on, and back on form, even though the cheery bar man tried to warn me off it as there was “air in the pipes” or something.

NEVER be deterred from your pre-train ESB by feeble technical gobbledegook, folks.

At Cambridge, I phoned Chung Hwa from the toilet and told them to get my Crispy Beef ready. There is no better way to end a day.


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