Nearly forgot to show you my “London Wants Map“.

I had 18 to do to finish the capital, including some micro stragglers in That Bexley, but thought I’d settle on just three today so as not to annoy James too much.

No, I’m kidding. We only did three as I wasn’t paying extra to use the underground and buses while I have legs and we were going to walk from King’s Cross to Notting Hill and back.

The next tick was only 5 minutes from the Golden Lion, taking us over the Grand Union past the Constitution (still awaiting re-opening by Youngs) and on to the Colonel Fawcett.

Back in 2016 I took two 15 year olds on a night-time crawl round Camden before an evening of thrash metal at the Roundhouse. What were there parents thinking of ?

This summer afternoon with elder son was a more delicate affair.

The stream of roasts were winding down at the Colonel Fawcett but the air of “family Sunday lunch” hung thick in the air, the sound of indefinable jazz drowning out the toddlers and the squeaky overpriced pushchairs.

Due to the poor quality of the photo you won’t be able to guess what I bought James a half of (a Kernel Pale).

But my cask options had been kindly narrowed down to a lonely Redemption. The lovely staff (they always are) wanted me to start a tab; I just wanted to pay. It took AGES.

Sadly there was no redemption from a sea of room (rather than cellar) temperature cask (NBSS 2.5), contrasting sharply with some excellent Kernel on keg.

Down to the Locks. It’s a different world.

Not an (Under)world I’ve ever warmed to, outside the gig venues up the road. But it was great to see so much life, and once you made your way to the canal path on the way to Primrose Hill it becomes rather charming.

Just don’t look back at the Ice Wharf, or you’ll turn to salt.

3 thoughts on “CAMDEN (F)LOCKS

  1. … However, sad to see the Constitution looking like that. It was a lively place 10 years ago, one of several pubs along the the Regent’s Canal.


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