Sunday the 15th August (yes, I’m that far behind) and still no sign of summer.

But London is always hot due to the smog, so on a visit to my parents I made arrangements to visit London’s hottest ticket.

Thrillingly, my first visit to the capital since that fateful day in November when the pubs closed.

Even better, James wanted to come with me. “Don’t worry, Dad, I don’t mind you going in pubs”. He’ll go far.

In truth, after 8 months in Sheffield he was just keen for new sights. Starting with a pleasingly busy 16:11 from Waterbeach to King’s Cross, looking as majestic as ever (King’s Cross, not the Beach).

Matt had been a regular visitor to Camden, going to metalcore gigs in Kentish Town and Camden until the lockdown, but James hadn’t set foot in London since the days we saw City grind out 0-0 draws at the Emirates.

I suspect he cared not a jot, but I felt obliged to point out St Pancras Old Church and the home of Rimbaud.

Situations have ended sad,
Relationships have all been bad.
Mine’ve been like Verlaine’s and Rimbaud.
But there’s no way I can compare,
All those scenes to this affair,
Yer gonna make me lonesome when you go…”

Yes, that Rimbaud.

James just focused on keeping up and knocking 30% of the estimated travel time on Google maps.

He also needed the loo. The immaculate Golden Lion had lovely loos.

And some lovely Charrington fittings.

Oh, and giant sunflowers.

A typical one bar North London pub, with pork pie hats, and Chaka Khan playing and a sense that pubs are pretty much back to normal.

I had a Sambrook, as Butcombe seemed out of place, and it was… decent (NBSS 3).

James asked for beer so he had a Neck Oil, the national keg beer of London. Frankly, I wished I had too.

Oh, and they said “Bye” and “Thanks” when we left. Always nice when you get that.

13 thoughts on “CAMDEN CRAWLING

    1. That “Day Off” will come back to haunt me !

      Not a favourite, always seemed very ’90s and old-fashioned, whether for pubs, music or art, but as you’ll see I changed my mind slightly later…


  1. Mrs. E and I were also at that mound on Sunday 15th Aug, at midday, Martin.

    We didn’t go in, but joined the crowds who, reportedly like us, only went to see how pointless it was.

    All the more so, because the nearby Carpenter’s Arms had a sign on the door saying that due to unforeseens they were not opening until 1500 that day.

    I ended up with a pint of GKIPA at the Rising Sun, Fitzrovia, which was actually pretty good, I have to say..

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  2. Very interesting I have passed that way often but never seen that plaque…Next time…
    En passant 🙂
    Was on the outskirts of Sheffield last week – only made a GK outlet but the Yardbird on Cask was quite quaffable at 4% abv

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      1. Elmwood Farm
        Old Colliery Way, Link Business Park, Beighton, Swallownest, Sheffield S20 1DJ

        Looking forward to doing the real Sheffield pubs someday 🙂

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