Part 3 of the Father & Son North London tickathon, as we began an hour long walk along the Grand Union towards Notting Hill.

Let me be straight; London is a wonderful city, only behind Manchester, Nuremburg, Havana and Naples on my list.

As we put Camden behind us we had the canal path to ourselves, and I at last had a walking companion of my own speed who I could annoy by stopping to admire the art and the Art Deco.

And then, just past the tigers of London Zoo, a deafening roar. Had City scored at Spurs.

No, a 4th Indian wicket had fallen at a hitherto silent Lords.

We pressed on, and I resisted the urged for a comfort break at the Bridge House as we approached Little Venice, as last time out the pint cost over a fiver !

Anyway, there’s plenty of parks with bushes in West London, isn’t there ? Isn’t there ?

Phew, approaching the A40 flyover now, with the samey samey housing of Notting Hill in sight.

You sort of already knew what the Walmer Castle was like, didn’t you ?

Prosecco out front,

well-groomed Dads watching the Spurs at the back of the bar.

Son had just scored; I hate being in a pub when City are on the box.

I spied a lone Pride pump, the charming barman urged me not to order it as it was probably off. I had a sample (sorry), and thought it was fine, certainly better than the non-crafty options.

Another chap thrust a contactless reader in front of me before I could say “How much ?”

How much was that ?” I said.

Dear reader, you guess the cost of an OK pint of Pride. The sum of the 3 digits is 23. I didn’t buy James a half.

Anyway, would love to stay for another, but have to go. Mounds to tick.

And remember kids, just say NO. Generally.

15 thoughts on “LONDON PRIDE ?

      1. I was a bit reticent about stating this as a fact, but the £6.98 definitely comes from the Walmer Castle and is what I thought I heard but didn’t believe.

        It’s a different world, isn’t it ?


    1. Are some US pubs notably cheaper than other ones. In the UK if you’re planning on an evening’s drinking you;d pick a Wetherspoons/Stonegate/Craft Union rather than a Greene King/Marstons I guess but you’d pretty much prefer the style of the boozer to the diner, anyway.


      1. Huge range of prices over here. Cheap lager based dives to really expensive wine/cocktail bars. Amazing range in prices for beer based on venue too. Try buying craft beer at a sporting event. 8-10 dollars a 12 ounce beer. I won’t pay it to be truthful. I don’t mind someone making a profit, but one beer for the price of what I can pay for six seems criminal.


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