AKA Let me take you by my hand……..and walk you through the streets of London to a back street Beer Guide pub*.

In this case, the Barley Mow in W1.

Bing says a 17 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube but I must have taken an indirect route in the hope of accidentally walking into a random London Sam Smiths pub so I could spend £6 on a pint, as these photos clearly aren’t Oxford Circus.

But they do show how gorgeous it is in The Smoke at dusk, even if/because it’s quieter than you’re used to.

Usual prize for identifying the pub.

As usual in London, I’m convinced I’ve been to the Barley Mow before, probably when it was listed in the Guide under Greater Madame Tussauds or Baker Street South.

But I’d remember the interior, about as Proper a pub as I’ve seen in W1.

Professional drinkers on the Guinness at the bar, the Old Boy complaining about a top-up, and a resilient barman spreading good cheer. Oh, and the hook for your man bags, which are probably banned in Sam Smiths.

Just the one beer on, London really on a roll tonight, and I’d love it, love it, if I could tell you the Dark Star Orbiter was a fantastic justification for having one beer on the bar forever.

But it was only “all right” (2.5), and at £5.20 a pint “all right” means you’d switch to Guinness next time, and that’s why cask is probably dying in the capital outside the specialist pubs that everyone always goes to.

But I felt a sense of contentment that Friday night. Not just the half a dozen ticks, but friendly welcomes in all the pubs and a mix of customers you wanted to see.

Oh, nearly forgot the song, bit of a lost classic;

*Obviously not literally. I’m not weird.

9 thoughts on “WEST ONE SHINE ON ME

  1. Ah, so you managed to stay away from That Mound this time then, Martin?

    Mrs. E and I walked the length of Wigmore St. on that day, past the Cock and Lion.

    I bought her a hat in Marylebone.

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      1. Was that with a promise to take it away, and re-erect it, “back home,” London Bridge-style (for those old enough to remember), in the middle of Arizona?

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  2. Wasn’t that hard… only so many routes, even someone admitting may not have taken the optimum route from Oxford Circus to the Barley Mow, could have bodged 😁.

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