The WHOLE world (except the Southworths) is descending on Sheffield at the moment, drawn in by tricky GBG ticks, artisanal burgers and obscure football grounds.

Luckily, Sheffield is cheap, with £31 Travelodges and free camping in our garden if you bring your own potty. In contrast, these were the CHEAPEST rooms available in That Manchester last night;

When you see the word “Disappointing” in a Booking.com review you need to worry. The Milton is good, but I used to pay £30 for a room in what is actually a DHSS tower block on the edge of Eccles.

What seems like months ago, but was actually just over a week ago, with City goalless and bottom of the League, I met “Ian”, a chap who’s visited more GBG pubs than I have (but without the fanfare that BRAPA and I seek).

“Ian”, whose real name is actually a number representing the coefficient of the number of pubs ticked and Chelsea programmes collected, arranged to meet me at the Crow just before closing.

I sent him a picture so he’d recognise me in the crowd.

As I said last time, this is the Sheffield pub I’m most likely to unwisely head to for a last third of the night.

I strolled down into the industrial estate that’s now Craft Central at about 22:30, saved “Ian” a table, and had unwisely had a pint of something murky when he arrived from his bijou hotel up the road.

His face tells the tale.

For those wondering, “Ian”‘s band t-shirt says “Eastfield“, which appears to be a leisure centre in Rutherglen with artificial pitch, so not as cutting-edge as mine then.

To my horror, a quick 15 minute half before last orders were called at 22:45 turned into a 90 minute session as midnight came and went. And the keg from Deya became stronger and stronger as I tried to capture a screenshot of “Ian’s” GBG To Do list.

Blimey, imagine being that organised. Comes from being a Chelsea fan, I guess.

Someone should teach that Duncan fella how to do spreadsheets.


  1. I was wondering if ‘Ian’ would issue a confidentiality clause. He is a master of spreadsheets and taught me all I haven’t yet learned. Still need the pub and an autumn nightcap there beckons. Any other new ones in Sheffield next year (using your informal sources)?


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