Stop No.2 on the Sheffield Tramlines Festival Fringe was the Frog & Parrot which I’d skipped to avoid embarrassing myself in front of BRAPA in June. BRAPA would never embarrass himself while drunk, right ?

Oh look, there’s a bloke reflected in the mirror taking surreptitious photos on his phone in a pub.

The Frog & Parrot is an ornate young persons venue that momentarily gained favour with the CAMRAs in the ’90s when it brewed Roger & Out, an 87.8% ABV beer in homage to the great Mr Protz’s editorship of the GBG.

It’s all Greene King beers and pretend guests that are actually Greene King these days, and a small stage near the door for Manchester punk bands like Battery Farm to educate us and blast our ears off. They kindly shared their lateral flow test with us on Facebook; I like the personal touch.

They could be the next Idles, and I know they wouldn’t want that (says Matt who detests Idles now).

I was so close I could nearly hear the words.

That white woman standing outside is scary, isn’t she ?

Anyway, here’s the short video. Press PLAY now.

Punk’s not dead. Not while there’s young things like Simon watching the Cockney Rejects in Manchester pubs, it isn’t.

The plastic glasses are tougher than the ones in the Washington, they’d hurt if they hit you on the ear, but do little for an OK pint of Abbot I drink far too quickly before unwisely moving on to the Crow, just as I did when ignoring Simon two months ago.

3 thoughts on “PUNK’S NOT DEAD

  1. BRAPA would probably embarass himself with both the Frog and the Parrot.
    Now wait a minute, Matt is on the cask and watching Sophie, you’re on the keg and watching the young noiseniks. Is this some local Freaky Friday thing?


  2. Punk’s Not Dead is a classic by The Exploited and well worth a listen – good work to get an Exploited title into your blog!!!
    My daughter has bought us tickets for The Reytons in Brum in October who are from Sheffield and also played at Tramlines I believe which is today’s boring but true fact #1

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