At 56 (I know, you’re shocked), you shouldn’t really run for your train after five pints.

Equally, after five pints in 3.5 hours you should really call it a day and be grateful that the water features at Sheffield Station are still turned off as they spread Covid.

But I’d been made aware that the Great BRAPA was in Sheffield.

HEY ! I live in Sheffield ! (I think).

I made a wobbly left turn and set off to say hello.

Even without Colin the Cauliflower and his fluorescent jacket he’s hard to miss.

I decided to stalk him, and set up camp at his next pub, the Frog & Parrot of “Roger and Out the world’s strongest beer” fame.

But by the time Simon arrived, the prospect of an IPA or a Yardbird had lost its appeal, and I scootled (?) homeward, accidentally via the Crow that Si had just left.

Can I count it as “All the pubs in Sheffield on foot No. 18 – The Crow Inn”. Yes I can.

Is this the craftiest craft list in Sheffield ?

I don’t know. The Rutland is good too. But it is the perfect place to end an evening drinking Little Earth as a nightcap, and I make take my father-in-law if he’s bad.

Two young ladies were working through the “Super sexy sours” to the sound of “Suzanne“. It was perfection.

I exchanged tasting notes with Leon;

No idea 8o89njn9j was.

17 thoughts on “STALKING BRAPA

  1. The Mikkeller Black 18.0% (a bargain at only £12.90 a pint – though I wasn’t drinking pints) was beautiful when I was there on 20 May, and again on 21st, and even better – is this possible with a keg beer – on the 27th. OMG I haven’t been there this week! If you catch me in the right mood, the Crow Inn is the best pub in Sheffield, but as I’ve just returned home after three glorious pints in the Blake Hotel it’ll have to wait for another time.

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    1. Yes, I was wondering if you shared my feelings on The Crow. I like a bar where everyone feels welcome and they’re not precious about the craft. Same with the Rutland.


  2. “But by the time Simon arrived, the prospect of an IPA or a Yardbird had lost its appeal” –Do you mean you left without even spending any time with Simon? I thought you two were contractually obligated to compare notes every time you were in close proximity, commiserating on the trials and tribulations of the ticking life. 😉

    That Frog & Parrot pub sign has got me curious. Looks three-dimensional in a way that pub signs generally aren’t, and I can’t quite fathom what it’s supposed to be…


    1. Afraid so. Simon invited me in but I just decided it would be really Diva-ish to walk off somewhere else. I used to do that on the Old Codgers crawls and annoy Richard who expected the group to stay together.

      NB Only joking I was drunk. Amazed I got home.

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  3. I remember that Frog and Parrot as a Whitbread malt extract home brew pub in the 1980s and ’90s, that being when I was interested in beer rather than pubs.

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      1. Martin,
        Yes, I’m just sorry it took me forty years. Most of my adult life wasted.

        Thanks. I knew they did a very strong one but couldn’t remember its name.

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      2. Made life not worth living, but if I can make you chuckle occasionally at least that’s something.


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