A busy August, including a day spent helping Matt move (checks compass) south-west of their house in Ancoats into what I understand from young people is called the Northern Quarter.

Nice tiling.

Emma’s parents had done the hard yards the day before so all I had to do was make a succession of car journeys carrying furry animals and Limp Bizkit posters.

Thrillingly, I also got to meet Emma’s lovely parents for the first time.

Worryingly, Dad greeted me with “Ah, so you’re Retired Martin ?”.

Meeting your son’s girlfriend’s parents should be a matter form some apprehension.

But NOT because you’ve probably slagged off their posh north-of-York village. Thankfully, they live near a classic rural pub, which you can read about here. They were great company.

We had lunch in Mackie Mayor, which would be cutting-edge in York, and then Matt took the dads on a tour of Manchester while the ladies went to Wilko.

Manchester never sleeps, does it ?

And when it does, it can now sleep in a Brew Dog hotel where the Elvis Juice comes out of the hot tap in the bathroom.

As soon as it’s available within my budget I’ll be staying there so the Southworths can book with confidence when they’re allowed here in 2024.

The Southworths will know the place where we nipped in for a cheeky half pint.

No, not the Waterhouse, or the Vine.

I reckon the City Arms is my Manchester pub of choice,

and at 3pm on a Tuesday the breadth of life was something else.

Note Matt drinking a pint of cask. Not Plum Porter (NBSS 4), but these things take time.

Oh, to be young and in Manchester.


  1. I attended the preview launch night of the new BrewDog place a couple of weeks back. Decent venue with a nice rooftop terrace.

    Looking forward to staying there and showering with Elvis and a Punk as I’ve booked a night there when I’m in Manchester in January for a Half Man Half Biscuit gig.

    Of course, prior to going to BrewDog, I made sure I had enough time to visit establishments such as the City Arms, Peveril, Cask and Britons Protection (where the outside area had a conveniently placed plant for a ropey pint of something from Beartown)

    I was a student in Manchester from 1987-90, and you’re right, to be young and in Manchester is indeed a glorious thing.

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    1. I would agree, seattlestokie. I too, was a student in Manchester, but from 1973-77. The City Arms still looks good, judging by Martin’s photo, and there are several other pubs that I’d like to get back to, once this pandemic is over – which it isn’t yet, by any stretch of the imagination!

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