I draw you in with the Sam Smiths glass and lacings, only to let you down, perhaps.

Next up, Marton-in-the-Forest and Martin-in-the-Pub.


Well, Stillington, strictly.

Your typical north-of-York village, with everyone either away doing a pointless office job or stocking their larder for the coming apocalypse (postponed).


Excellent Village store serving chunky sandwiches and posh crisps, mind.

And suitably chunky church where I paused to look at WhatPub and briefly panic.

Proper church

Open 12 till 2, it said. What if they stopped serving at 1.40? You know what these Yorkies are like.

Proud to be GBG. Good to see.
Love old GBG stickers

It was packed 20 minutes before closing, full of genteel diners and robust drinkers.

But I still panicked a bit as the bar sat unattended and the clock reached 1.45.

But no-one was drinking up. Not at these prices.

Too cheap!
Rainbow array of Pipers

A stunning contrast with the gastro down the road. Here the public was full of retired blokes glued to Cheltenham.


I’ve got Thistlecrack “

Sorry to hear that John

Aren’t Sam’s glasses great?

A rare drop of malty Rudgate as house beer, £2.34 for us CAMRA. Which I never admit to being.

Good rather than stunning, like OBB I guess.

But lacings to move to York for.

Lacings special

Just a hardworking busy pub full of bants and boozing.

Not that hard, is it?


18 thoughts on “THE SUB-£2.50 PINT LIVES, AND IT’S NOT SAM SMITHS.

  1. Fabulous pub which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few times over the years. Reasonably priced good beer can be had, often in the last place you’d expect it. I was in Portsmouth last week and popped into the Hole in the Wall where two cracking pints cost what I thought was a very reasonable £3.60 for the area. A stark contrast to the waterfront Fullers eateries that BRAPA would love that extract almost a fiver for a pint of Pride that was drinking less than well.

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      1. You can say that again! It’s been years since I was last in Pompey. Thankfully some things never change and The Ship Anson was its usual boisterous self. Stayed at the George which is a cracking proper locals pub.

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  2. This is my first time seeing Sam Smiths’ Double Four Lager. A bit closed minded of me, but when I see the word “lager” I always wonder if I’m paying big money for something that won’t taste all that much better than Stella Artois. Am I wrong?


    1. Never had it, Mark. Suspect it would satisfy the taste buds of the average Stella drinker.

      I remember 20 years ago I took a Cambridge mate, Stella drinker, to a match at Sheffield Wednesday and we stopped at the Sam Smiths pub a mile north (Grenoside). He was staggered by the quality of whatever Sam’s lager he had at half the price of a Cambridge pub.

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